The slow arrow of beauty….

कोई मेरे दिल से पूछे तेरे तीर ए नीमकश को

ये खलिश कहां से होती जो जिगर के पार होता ….

My heart alone could tell about your half-drawn arrow,
Could it leave a sting behind, had it pierced the marrow?

The slow arrow of beauty as Nietzsche calls it has a distinctive quality.It does not jolt us suddenly with its power but slowly seeps into us when we least expect.It then starts to grow upon us consuming all our senses unless it stands at the gates of our intellect questioning our ideas about right and wrong.It is neither violent nor intoxicating but is rather graceful and well thought about.It first starts inundating our dreams with visions of love, passion and seduction but then it quickly takes control of our awakened even enlightened mind. And this does not happen at a physical level.No absolutely not. There is more fire,wind and sky in it than is water and earth.The fire burns and it evaporates all the fluidity of our thoughts.The wind and sky control the water and earth to create a form of their own choosing. Its a complete takeover no more friends, no more family, no more money, no more power,no more good, no more evil.It is a supreme idea which is all consuming.The mind sways , utters a command and the body just follows it – as if in a trance , in a state of complete surrender.

The slow arrow of beauty doesn’t just strike and pass through our heart.No, it grows in size as it pierces deeper and gathers momentum.Deeper and Deeper , farther and farther it keeps going as if there is no end.A then strange thing happens – our heart starts growing with the arrow.The deeper it goes the larger the expanse of our heart till it realizes that the whole universe is but a part of it.The blood that flows from the heart so pierced spreads upon all we touch and see and leaves its mark upon all we know or do.The longing,the separation is unbearable but something whispers from within that this is a perfect state.This is how you want it to be forever like the Ying and Yang.You feel the opposite force but you are completely at peace with it. Jigar says :

एक लफ्ज़ ए मोहब्बत का अदना ये फसाना है, सिमटे तो दिले आशिक़ फैले तो ज़माना है..

Distance is now the only reality.Separation is that what creates and fills in the vacuum of nothingness.You know that there is no such thing as beauty and the idea of happiness from beauty is a mirage, a myth, a misconception of a confused mind.The fact is that you love your desire more than what is desired.As soon as the beauty which till now was far away,out of bounds, even forbidden becomes close,available, attainable it loses its charm and you will stop loving it.We are now kind of used to its charm , now as stale as the day gone by.

Will leave you with these powerful lines from Dr Bachchan ;

कितनी जल्दी रंग  बदलती

है अपना चंचल  हाला ,

कितनी जल्दी घिसने लगता

हाथों मे आकर प्याला ,

कितनी जल्दी साकी का

आकर्षण घटने लगता है ;

प्रात नहीं  थी वैसी, जैसी

रात लगी थी मधुशाला  ……

4 comments on “The slow arrow of beauty….

  1. shilpa says:

    finally back to where you belong ! neddless to is beautifule like always. Keep it up

  2. magiceye says:

    refreshing entry! liked it!
    best wishes!

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