I am not Anna Hazare…I am just me

Although I seldom watch TV, the events of last 3 days have forced me to switch on the Box so I can witness what Anna calls the ‘2nd movement to free India”. The congress has proved to the country that they are nothing but a bunch of good for nothing morons who double up as thieves when the opportunity arrives. I have maintained this belief always campaigning for the BJP in all the elections. My simple principle is that spineless people are no good as friends or enemies.

Media today is no different than sensationalism at its best not reporting the facts but what gives them the TRP’s. So if it’s good to make Anna a hero today they will do it and if tomorrow the tide turns they will end up making him a villain as well. With all my patriotic emotions bursting at the seams I was forced to do some soul searching, the prime driver being that whether I am qualified to support a movement against corruption. The answer sadly was a NO I am not Anna Hazare. How can I say something I really don’t believe in – Have I not paid a bribe ever ? I have. For some clicking a ‘like’ button is just something that makes them look good in the eyes of others but for me I will fall from grace in my own eyes if I did something like that.

But then I thought that perhaps I was being too hard on myself. I had paid a bribe but why did I do it. Am I a victim or a abettor of the crime. Well to set the record straight I have tried my best to avoid paying up wherever and whenever the system allowed me to but then there have been times when there was nothing I could do. I have to work to make the money to pay the government its ‘hafta’ and to keep myself afloat. I am not wired to quit my job and go around circling the of government offices living in a state of poverty. And who is it that I will be proving a point – to the 3 monkeys ?? Another consideration is that with no money the question of paying or not paying a bribe will itself wither away.

I have realized that for me paying a bribe has more to do with convenience than with morality or ethics. The concerns of my conscience are far larger than currency notes.

Going into the total recall mode I remembered how I used to keep a 50 Rs note handy so I can roll it as soon as a traffic cop approached asking me to go to the Police station with him or to take my driving license away only to be retrieved after appearing in front of the magistrate. But now with Bangalore Traffic cops having Blackberrys with printers I have graciously admitted my guilt each time I am on the wrong side of law, paid 100 bucks and happily walked away with a receipt. In fact I have some 5 of them with me as a symbol of a hidden pride in an efficient system that lets the citizens as well as the authorities do their duty with efficiency and honesty. To me the BBry traffic receipts are a symbol of a ‘free and fair’ India.

Let’s try and understand the concept and how things have changed for me. In the first instance when I was paying a bribe I justified that the penalty of wasting a day at the court and paying the fine as well was not commensurate with the offence of jumping a red light when it was almost orange. The law in this case was on the wrong side itself. But with the bbry I knew my sin, the penalty was just and I could absolve me and my soul by paying up and getting a receipt as a souvenir. And  what is at the heart of this – transparency and ease of operation that drives compliance with convenience.

I have been canvassing about the wonderful experience I had with the Bangalore passport office. I paid up extra for the ‘tatkal’  but I got a receipt and my passport was delivered within the 2 working days as promised. I spent half a day at the passport office where everything was well organized and all of us understood that the delay is only because of the numbers getting serviced. That was not too bad either as it just took me 2-3 hours for the whole process sitting in a clean and comfortable air conditioned environment.

However for certain other cases I will continue to pay bribes. I cannot change the law which says that I should pay the government a property tax which is 15 % + some other taxes of the rental income even when I am already paying a 30 % income tax on my rental income itself on a house that I bought after paying all my income tax..And why the hell should I pay the property tax anyways when there are no roads or water in lieu of the registration and stamp duty already paid. The funniest thing is that we pay exorbitant amount as BWSSB charges not to get a drop of municipal water ! The guy at the property tax office wants a cut for looking the other way and I will do what’s best for me. Don’t you think that the options are pretty straight forward for a sane mind ? The system created a monster and I am just dodging it and moving on…I can fight it when there is an equal chance of winning but would not sacrifice my life for nothing.

In the book Shantaram Bhai Abdul Khader says – I don’t see how much crime is in the sin but I see how much sin is in the crime. That’s my guiding light when it comes to paying bribes. End of the day I care about myself and my family and not the Congress and its corruption brigade which garbs itself as the government.

I sincerely request all of you who read this post to keep a hand on your heart and dig deeper into your soul before wearing a Gandhian cap or a fancy T shirt. The fact is that the power we give in the hands of those who are supposed to serve  will drive us again and again to the brink of Pay up or else ………

24 comments on “I am not Anna Hazare…I am just me

  1. kukkumol says:

    This is one of the happiest days of my life because today is the day when Anna Hazare has rubbed the nose of Manmohan Singh Primeminister into the ground.He has proved that he is even more powerful than the primeminister.He has humiliated the mighty UPA government and the Congress party which had become extremely arrogant and overconfident that it was imperative that they be brought down to earth and Anna did exactly that.The Congress party which is a party of traitors,pimps,prostitutes,Dalals,sycophants and which considers the Gandhi family God was taught a lesson it will never ever forget.
    In this hour of truimph for the Indian AAM ADMI it will only be appropriate to pinpoint the sins of the Congress party since independence.Poverty,unemployment,corruption,scams,infiltration by illegal Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslim immigrants,terrorism Indians have had to suffer it all.This is not to say that the other political parties are innocent.But since the Congress party was in power for 55 out of the 64 years since independence,it is only correct that the Congress should take the blame for all the ills plaguing India today.
    Right from the time of the traitor Chacha 420 Nehru the Congress party has been fooling and looting Indians.Nehru,Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi,Narsimha Rao,Manmohan Singh all have been responsible for the various problems affecting the Indian common man.
    However what has upset the more than 1 billion Insdians is the daily corruption which affects the common man for which the Congress party is fully responsible.
    I appeal to Anna to carry this fight even further and ensure that the fact that all these central ministers including Primeminister are made aware of the fact that they are our bloody servants and not our masters.

    • aahang says:

      Nietzsche said that those who fight the demons should be careful lest they become demons themselves. I understand your anger but would request you to have a restraint when expressing it.The path shown to us by Mahatma Gandhi and to day by Shri Anna Hazare is strict non violence not only in action but in deeds and speech.
      I am proud that neither me nor anyone in my family has ever voted for the corrupt Congress. But we should also question how did they rule us for all these years if our own people did not vote for them.People get leaders that they deserve and India is a case in point. Our own people have been betraying us by voting for congress in lieu of money and freebies. There is a democratic process enshrined in our constitution.Let us all take a vow that we will not vote for the traitors of congress in the coming elections.

    • Arun Pannalal says:

      Dear Master of Indian democracy, to-day is 14th Jan 2012, what happened to that brigand Hazare. Dont be befooled, Ralegaon Siddhi never had elections for 25years, alcoholics are tied upside down and beated black and blue to keep alchol away. You have given to yourself propotional representation to run the nation, now you want 120 crore people to sit together and frame laws.!!!!! Why was your daughter not married away when two years old ? So if a nation waits forty years for lokpal, is it too much. So many laws have come to tackle corruption, are you paying bribe for IT refunds, has not technology tamed corruption. WHO IS GNAWING AWAY AT DEMOCRACY ?

      When INDIA gained freedom 106 more countries were released from the British regime, where are they, all our neighbours are fighting dictators, rest have gone into oblivion. INDIA in the race for Super Power, yet Congress has done nothing ? Congress gave you freedom, India could have easily become autocratic. It is freedom and DEMOCRACY that makes my INDIA grow powerful.

      Wake up ANNA is a dictator, forget corruption let my INDIA lead. The problem is likes of you want your muck to be washed by someone else, you want corruption to end by law, WHY NOT STOP GIVING BRIBE. Tall order eh!

      • aahang says:

        Pannalal ji i could understand your stance so I cannot comment on it.looks like you like the congress.good for you !

  2. Anamika Pal says:

    Dear you are a great writer and those who had express their thought also are great thinkers, however i differ from your thought because even if I change myself and stop paying bribe or a new term donation, i will not be able to get my son admitted to a good school, i cannot buy a home because home owners want 25% in black, i cannot get my passport done and if I don’t pay the bribe then the police will send such a bad report that my passport application will be rejected.

    It might be that you got a very good education without giving donation, but what about others…..Those people who do have money for tuition fees but not for donation…..and without good education they will become nothing…

    Might be all of you who have written against this movement are absolutely right however i still wanted to ask you people do you think that if the middle class people change, these politician with scams will change. Please think about those poor people, if these scam stopped and if 20% of the scam money spend on these poor people of Indian then i think its a good thing…….

    Its very easy to say all good word like stop bribe etc, however what will a poor helpless person will do if the only concern of him is to have food for his family….If his family remain hungry he will do anything to save his family and taking bribe is one of the thing….Because of these corrupt politician and scam, there is a huge price hike. A middle class family of 4 will not get enough vegetable for Rs. 70 a day.

    Hungry people can go to any extend then learning philosophy.. …

    • aahang says:

      First things First , the disclaimer that I am a great thinker. But I do believe in Descartes to say that I think therefore I am.
      Just like I have said in my post from my personal experience that because of transparency and ease of operation I did not have to pay bribes to traffic guys and also I did not spent a single penny extra to get my passport within 2 days.One may say that I got lucky but then luck favors the brave.doesn’t it ??
      As far as giving donation too is concerned neither me nor any of my siblings pay a single paise as donation and we did not get ourselves any fancy degrees too.By God’s grace all of us are doing as well if not better than those who did. All three of us have studied in convents which were supported by the missionaries and then through out in Sarkari institutions.The fact is that being an honest research scientist even if he wanted to pay my father did not have the money.
      My kids are also going to one of the best schools in Bangalore but neither did we pay anything above the published fee nor did we pay anything under the table.We had to try for my son a couple of times and run around a little bit but the admission process was free and fair.If you don’t believe me you can check the reputation of The Frank Anthony Public School and Mr. KV Boye the principal.I will also add here that the prime motivator for us was that Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who was awarded Param Vir Chakra in the Mumbai terrorist attack was from this school.Most schools will say ‘ service above self’ but this school has proved that they really teach it to their students.
      I am not preaching any philosophy but encouraging folks to think , look at both sides of the coin kind to evaluate and then make informed choices.Also I am proud that I am just preaching what I practice myself instead of creating false idols and demi gods.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gandhi and Anna both are cheaters.

    They never try to find root cause rather they wanted to elaborate the issues and focus on publicity.

    Gandhi itself failed to achieve and made some agreement in back doors with British for 1947.

    Failures from Gandhism

    – Alchol
    – Learn by mother tongue
    – Untouchability
    – Ignore western products
    Women rights

  4. Neha says:


    I am a journalist. Would like to speak to you regarding an article I am writing. Could you please send me your contact details?

  5. shilpa13 says:

    I do agree completly with you Rajnish, that is the main problem with all mass movements…they don’t achieve anything ! Look at communism, socialism even democracy . It is only when the individual will change that society can change. But that is too much to ask so all these quick fix solutions..How many anna hazare cruaders have actually thought about changing themselves or say five people around them. and it is so much easier to point the finger at somebody else..the politicians, the babus, the system..what about me ? Am I doing what I should do ? If I go shopping in office time, am I not corrupt. If I am always online, when I should be working, is that not corruption ? I am also on the wrong side of the revolution this time. Share your cynicism(:

    • aahang says:

      Exactly. Most of them are just vela people who got another excuse to bunk classes and look hep. How many of those wearing ‘I am anna Hazare’ caps and Tshirts have even let the slight opportunity of downloading pirated songs go by ??? khud ko badlo desh apne aap badal jaayega.

      And till the time absolute power without any accountability rests with the Babus there is no hope for this country. Indian Administrative Services are a curse of the constitution on Indian people.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely !!! These guys are best examples of this.

  6. Ravi Sharan says:

    Sir Ji, Woh pichla Ravi bhi main hi tha aur point counter point to chalte hi hain

    Kaha Ghalib ne Kahan Maikhane ka darwaaza aur Ghalib kahan Wais,

    Par itna jaante hain hum ki woh jaata tha hum nikle.

    Lekin Janaab Faiz ko Mulahiza farmaayein Yeh hai Jazba aur junoon.

    Matahe lohe kalam chhin ghayi to kya gham hai ki khoone jigar mein dubo leen hain unghaliyan maine

    Aur Zubaan pe mohar laghi to kya ki rakh di hai harek Kkalka E Janzeer mein zubaan maine.

    Ab arz kiya hai aapke khaksaar ne ( Thoughts are coming as i am writing)

    So kuch to karte rahiye , kuch to kahte rahiye, aadmi issi harkat ka to numaainda hai.

    Kai Janmon ki inhi jangon mein karm karne aur jeene ka yahi kayada hai.

    Hujoom ki hasratein alag hi hain, Usko jeeye jane se fursat hi nahin.

    Ek ummeed pe to jeeta hai butparasti ka ek putla hai.

    Nakhuda ban ke koi lade kishti mein toophan se ,tab hi to jeene ka dost phayada hai.

    Baithe kursi pe to sabhi bakte hain . Sar hatheli pe rakho aur junoon lakhon ko dikhe.

    Log aage Badhen , sadke bharen aur saath begaane ho jaayen, Kuch awwam bhi bhadake to sahi zaayaka hai

    umr beet ghayi chulhe aur lakdi mein , kuch to aawam ke liye bhi ho yahi hasrat hai.

    Zakhm khole hain sabhi hamne aaj , Namak paash koi aaye , kurede aur hansta jaaye.

    Sarfaroshi ka to aaj yahi jayaza hai.

    Bina khoye kuch kahan kabhi kuch milta hai.Gulshan apna hi jalaa kar yeh watan seencho to.

    Mar jaane par woh Swiss account sath jaane se rahe , kya haasil hai un buton se jo khareede hon.

    Koi But dil mein jo banaye wohi topoonji hai.

    Jaane do is mukhalfat ko , saath ab tum bhi chalo, kuch kadam ki bahaar to do.

    Phursat mein gunahon pe nazar daleenge , aaj to kuch kar guzarne ki kasam khai hai

    Burai to iss jahan mein sabhi dete hain.

    Hum karen achha , tum bura maano, yahi dastoor hai duniya ka , yahi kaayada hai

    • aahang says:

      Maza aa gaya sir. Kya Baat kya baat !!! Agar aap yun hi likhte rahenge to aise kai Anna aur Kapil Sibbal aap par qurban.

      Hum too achche sher ke kaayal hain jahan mil jaaye jaise mil jaaye ……

      Sir all said and done I sincerely respect Anna’s conviction to his cause and what he is doing for our country I just find it hilarious when a PWD engineer comes to the streets with his family and wearing a Gandhi cap shouts ” I am Anna Hazare”

      I want to tell all the corrupt people on the streets “Ghanta you are Anna Hazare”

      • Ravi Sharan says:

        Sir Ji,

        Ek prana sher , thoda sa distorted to accept your Daad.

        Yeh to teri nazar ka sadka hai,

        Kaun pooche tha hum husn waalon ko.

        Khushamdeed. Zarranawaazi.

        But jo ho raha hai woh bahut zaroori hai.

        We need some roadblocks for these mad bulls on the corruption run and i truly believe that the collective rage and the intention of such large numbers (even if they include the PWD engineers and many other corrupt jokers) will result in betterment of the society and at the very least the highlighting of some burning issues.

        I am reminded of the famous Nazm by Ram prasaad Bismil on being given kaala Paani ki Sazaa on the kakori shadayantra

        Hum bhi aaram utha sakte the ghar par rah kar
        Hum ko bhi paala tha maan baap ne dukh sah sah kar

        Waqte rukhsat (time of parting)arrey itna bhi na aaye kah kar

        Ashq (tears) jo gode mein giren bah bah kar

        Tifl (child , offspring) unko hi samajh lena ji behlaane ko

        Tujh ko saiyyad (tyrant) sitam (torture) yeh hi mila dhaane ko

        Tujh ko saiyyad sitam yeh hi mila dhaane ko


        Daro deewar pe hasrat (longing) ki nazar rakhte hain

        Khush raho aihle watan (my mother land) hum to safar karte hain.

        And the priceless slogans of the 30s and 40s

        Nai chalni nai chalni sarkar zaalim nai chalni

        aai thi vyaapar karan ko ban gai gale ka haar zaalim nai chalni

      • aahang says:

        Here a note I wrote on facebook called Jan Lokpal Bill – A mirage in the desert

        I want to ask a few simple Questions to my fellow Indians : Do the Doctors who play with the lives of patients don’t take an oath of serving people, are the police officers and bureaucrats not bound by the constitution to do their duty, Isn’t it that the ministers and judges take an oath of office and swear that that they will do what is best for the country What about the CAG, Courts, CVC, CBI – are they not supposed to control corruption ?
        Isn’t it childish to imagine that the Lokpals will be messengers of God above all muck and malice ??
        What if Lokpal is charged with being in cahoots with the corrupt ?? Will you have a Lokpal 2.0 to watch over him…?? How many on the roads have bothered to look at the Draft of the bill and the provisions in it governing the conduct of the Lokpal – the methods of their appointment and impeachment ?? Where will you get all these haloed sons of the soil from ? I assume Anna has a farm where he is growing these rare species.
        What about execution ? How will one Lokpal check the conduct of lakhs of government employees, hundreds of MP’s and MLA’s , the Police ,the Judges, the Prime minister.What about the army ? Don’t tell me there’s no corruption there ? Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.right ?
        It is estimated that some 50,000 people will be needed to support the working of the Jan Lokpal. To me even that assumption is wrong as India has 638000 villages and for the Lokpal to be effective at the Panchayat level there should be one in every village.Or are we only talking about the educated elite being benefited by the Lokpals ? If that’s the case we are heading for civil right and anarchy because the villagers need more respite from corruption than their well off city brethren.
        Then are the Lokpal network people going to work for free ? The average Govt. servant gets about Rs.30000 ( we can’t be talking about class 4 employees here) so its an additional burden of Rs.15000000000 in just the salaries plus the PF,medical and gratuity, and will these guys travel by foot and conduct raids on empty stomachs sleeping by the roadside ? We will end up spending more than what they are going to save us, if at all.

        When you are in a desert with no hope to live you start getting hallucinations. By the way they are called as Mirage…..

        It takes a minute to borrow a cap and wear T shirt but it takes a while to think (assuming we are able to do it)

        नेता तो बहुत हैं और नीतियां और भी ज़्यादा…….नीयत जो नहीं है वो कहां से आयेगी.

  7. Ravi Sharan says:

    Sir , I agree that a w holistic approach is necessary and those of us who have created something from the scratch are well aware that the law makers or the bribe wanters (use a hashed metaphor) create a situation , using the provisions of any law that they may or may not have, that you have to relent to their most unrealistic and whimsical demands.

    It took me one year to get a public sector bank to agree to a clause in a loan , that is as per the law , because they had never done that before and they did not have the inducement ( meaning Bribe) t make them see the other point of view and they did not have the courage to ask me for it.

    And ultimately my threat to go to the CMD , The RBI and the Finance Ministry forced them to relent.

    This has resulted in the project getting delayed and my probably compromising an opportunity taht I had started rather early on.

    The agents of other Banks promised to get it done faster at a minor FEE. But something in me snapped and i wanted to assert my rights

    But the moot point is that , Old law or new , the ordinary citizen is gathering the courage and the impatience to react.

    While Lokpal may not be the elixir to solve all their woes ,a collective will , a desire and the courage to face upto the powers that be, the sheer realisation that the power of the vote and reporting matters may be used , will be deterrent.

    It is a belief in Hinduism that if you prey a Stone enough , it acquires the power to be God and all said and done Anna is backed by people with proven integrity and will.

    If we keep playing it safe and trust no one then I can quote the Bard that A Coward dies a amny deaths , A brave man dies but once.

    And you as a Corporate Honcho are well aware of the saying Nothin Ventured , Nothing gained.

    It is possible (and probably desirable ) to play the critique, but it is also important to be the enthusiast , the giggling , uncaring child , the idiot who can not see beyond his nose, The Kalidas , who surrounded by wise men defeated the arrogant and all knowing princess .

    Atleast i honestly feel that the time spent by masses on these real issues is better spent than watching that game played by wise men and now watched by millions of fools(the game is called cricket) or people spending hours on discussing the Doosra (Harbahajan style ) or Doosri / Doosra (filmi style)

    Anyways , thanks for giving me a break and making me write.

    Your Blog helps drifters like us to catch a breath

    • aahang says:

      Sir First of all I am so happy that you are penning something………humne aakhir aapko sochne aur likhne par majboor kar diya.I will tell you what my fear is when we start praying a stone :
      सर झुकाओगे तो पत्थर देवता हो जायेगा ,इतना मत चाहो उसे वो बेवफा हो जायेगा….

      I firmly believe in Nietzsche when he says ” A casual walk in the lunatic asylum will tell you that faith does not prove anything”.

      Indian are desperate of feeding the cancer of corruption so they are bound to get attracted to anyone who says that I have a cure. And as far as the large numbers are concerned please do not forget that it is the same multitude which voted Sonia and his team of frauds to power a second time.Should I give you the number of scams that happened in the last tenure of Congress ?? Were we OK with that…….NO the problem is that people have just stopped thinking in this age of TV channels and facebook.

      Let me tell you something about the silly youngsters on the streets.Can anyone of them tell me how many times they have bribed the traffic policeman or how many songs have they downloaded from illegal sites or have they ask their fathers that where did you get the money to pay my engineering or MBA fee.I know that my father couldn’t afford to do that even though he was one of the highest paid officers in the country that time.

      OSHO says that if we start by being cynical asking questions we may end up being true believers some day but if we start by being believers then there is no hope of enlightenment.

      As far as Kalidas is concerned the story is told in the context that how lucky a fool can get.It was only after marrying the princess and getting ridiculed by her severely on several occasions that Kalidas became a poet. I for am not willing to go through the grind 🙂

      Lastly one correction : I don’t think of myself as a corporate honcho but I believe that I am corporate coolie bearing the load so I can feed my kids and pay my bills.Not to say the tax and the bribes I have to pay to keep breathing !!!!

  8. Ravi says:

    Sir , Today , nothing will eradicate corruption or for that matter poverty as we thrive on it. Most people who do not want to work do so at their own free will and to that extent , I agree with you.
    But does that mean our executive , Polity and babudom can very deftly manage to be above reproach or all control.

    There is a seething anger and frustration at the enormity of the crimes that our powers that be are getting away with.

    So even if the fervor created by this movement can create a fear of god in those miscreants , it is good enough.

    Amazingly our collective conscience i rising and there is a 35% drop in crime in Delhi since Anna went on the fast.

    The policemen have gone on record saying they are amazed.
    Ordinary People are getting their children to see what they feel is another whirlpool akin to what we saw 70 years ago
    Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and to me this step is more about caring
    To me it is more at the spiritual level.


    • aahang says:

      Ravi even I am proud to be an Indian and to that extent I am overwhelmed at the solidarity that the Indian people have showed.But that does not mean that we should get swept away by the wave of emotion and stop looking at the facts. When you are stuck in a desert with no hope of survival it is common that you start imagining a mirage that would help you live.This is the state of our people today….Anna is a ray of hope for them, a symbol of Gandhi who once freed them from the clutches of the British Raj.What we are forgetting is that the situation is entirely different.Unfortunately if fail to elect the right people again and again we will be chasing a rainbow as far as a clean governance is concerned.And I want to ask one simple Question : Do the Doctors who play with the lives of people don’t take an oath of serving people, are the police officers and bureaucrats not bound by the constitution to do their duty, isn’t it that the ministers and judges take and oath of office and swear that that they will do what is best for the country ???? Its childish to imagine that the lokpals will be messengers of God above all muck and malice ?? And what if a Lokpal is charged with corruption ?? will you have a Lokpal 2.0 to watch over him…??
      The problem with the Junta is that it has a mob mentality and blindly follow what the trend is.Media also helps in creating a mass hysteria albeit to help the TRP’s.
      As you have quoted facts about the crime rate I would want you to consider the TOI poll of youngsters supporting Anna Hazare – 70 % of them had no idea what is the Jan Lokpal bill and how is it actually going to fight corruption…sorry to sound cynical but I really believe that there is not enough debate on the issue as there should be when we are talking about sidelining the Indian constitution and creating a parallel structure of governance.

  9. Ayan Goswami says:

    Its like any other Revolution where the Revolutionaries themselves become the tormentors in future. I may be wrong but then taste of blood can increase the appetite drastically. George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM really brought that out well. I would rather let Annaji fast till he dies for the cause. This will be a true sacrifice and may stir things up. Cmon it is the Sixth instance when he has gone on hunger strike. I have not selected/elected the Lokpal Panel and why the hell would I care if the Prime Minister is tried for corruption or not. I am concerned at the day to day issues of corruption that affects me. If that gets solved then all will fall in place. Can’t comment on Annaji’s moral stand but we are playing with FIRE here!!!

    • aahang says:

      Ayan at the risk of going against popular mood I feel that we are being too simplistic in imagining Jan Lokpal as the final reprieve to all our misery. I sincerely wish that by 2012 India is a corruption free country but I will keep my fingers crossed. I have all the right to do so…..Don’t I ??

  10. very well written sir.. Anna campaign is totally misleading.. people are supporting thinking dat a jan lokpal bill will wipe out corruption and make our lives better.. Anna shud b fasting for improving the existing systems rather than bringing in a new institution altogether.. how cn we b sure dat d so called lokayuktas will not be corrupt..

    • aahang says:

      I have had this problem of going to the root of the situation.Some may think I am cynical but that’s how I have managed my integrity and sanity.Once again thanks for your views !

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