Country first , Religion later…..

It is rather shameful that people from North East have to panic and run for cover in their own country because their fellow countrymen have chosen to show solidarity to Muslims from Bangladesh by threatening to kill or hurt them across the country if they stay put.

And after what has happened in Mumbai and Lucknow it is evident that they could well mean what they say. I fail to understand why Muslim organizations throughout India have taken upon themselves to protest against the violence in Assam where people from both sides got killed over an issue which we all know is linked to illegal immigrants from Bangladesis encroaching upon the land and resources of Assamese people. It is known that the Muslims in Assam are from Bangladesh and this can be very well validated by the census records

The Muslim population has grown at twice the rate of growth of Hindu population in Assam proving that there has been an influx from Bangladesh. The congress has been supporting this since independence under its  appeasement vote bank politics but now things seem to have gone beyond their control as there are more Bangladeshis than Indians in pockets where violence has broken out.

Now here comes the part that hurts. When it is a conflict between Indians and foreigners who just happen to be Muslims why do we find Muslims in India supporting the Bangladeshis going to the extent of damaging government property, fighting with Indian policemen and even vandalizing martyr’s memorial by rampaging and tramping all over it !!  Even if I believe for a moment that the rally was against the violence happening in Assam what does it say when you disrespect what the Indians hold so close to their hearts.

If you read the report above you will know the theme of my argument. Even as Muslims your protest is for violence against Muslims not against India,the country you live in and which allows you to carry out your protest liberally. The martyrs memorial that got vandalized was erected in honor of a Muslim freedom fighter so is the anger against the Bodos fighting with your Muslim brothers from a Foreign land or against India as a nation regardless of the fact that our freedom was won with sacrifices from Hindus as well as Muslims. The last line of the report says it all – Several Muslim leaders have also condemned the act. As if they were supposed to applaud the act but have somehow chosen to condemn it.

Two important questions :

1. How many Hindus came out in large numbers against the violence in Assam and why most of them still either don’t know what the actual problem in Assam is or feel that it is a local conflict between 2 groups fighting for control in the region ?

2. Why only Muslim organizations felt the need to come out so aggressively and protest when essentially the fight is between Indians and Bangladeshis .

Threatening the north east people in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad is cowardly and treacherous as obviously these folks have nothing to do with the violence in Assam and have come out of their homes like millions of other Indians in search of a better life. The right to move freely and settle in any part of the country is guaranteed by our constitution so who are these enemies of the state to force them in their own land ??

Anyone ,whether Hindu or Muslim who has chosen to be an Indian citizen has pledged to have country before religion as India was and remains to be a secular nation.I strongly feel that all Muslims in India will have to resolve and choose the nation over their religion, unconditionally and without exception else the patriotic Muslims will have to bear the cross for those who seem to have a doubtful stance…..

4 comments on “Country first , Religion later…..

  1. Tarunendra Pratap Singh says:

    The media could easily be the biggest culprit behind the recent events. The way with which media projected the violence in Assam and elsewhere is not even closely linked to immigration. The first question that comes to my mind is WHY? The obvious answer that comes to mind is Media being paid by authorities for Vote Bank Politics. This is the same media which will suck the life of out Narendra Modi for 2002 riots with or without judgement…. But would never project such incidences the way they should be. Disappointed!!

    • aahang says:

      Media is a business driven by quarterly results nd TRP’s so we should not expect much from them.In case of Assam and Gujrat they have chosen to take sides and we all know why. More than Assam ,you will never see any channel talking about the Hindus who were burnt alive at Godhra.If it was not that probably the Gujrat riots would have never happened.
      The biggest culprit is congress.Had they not allowed the Bnagladeshis to infiltrate, the Assamese wouldn’t have felt insecure in their own land.On top of allowing Bangladeshis the congress also promoted the Bodos students movement and it became an ally of the congress. Actually this is the organisation which is killing the Bangadeshi Muslims who now think of Assam as their home – debatable yes but wrong no as it’s the same with the punjabis in New Delhi who also came from Pakistan. The issue is that the congress on one hand allowed more and more Bangladeshis to walk in and on the other hand supported movements that would work against them.The media will not report it but if you read newspapers like tehelka or some Assamese blogs things will be clear.
      Coming to the larger question of the Muslim identity in the Indian state I empathise with the patriotic Muslim who is constantly torn between nation and religion. The religion says that one must support the kaum as all Muslims are brothers and patriotism wants them to support India unconditionally.There is no such duality with the Hindus for whom the whole world is their family and the nation and religion are two seperate things.Stretch then canvas a bit more and you will know why Muslims are involved wherever there is strife in the world be it Kashmir,Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel etc. Once you decide that I am different and will have multiple identities you will face such a problem.For Muslims it is always us against them and the clerics/politicians take full advantage by confusing their people.Belonging from Lucknow and having many of my friends as Muslims I feel bad for them as I know that they love India as much as any of us do.

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