Science and Spirituality

I have observed that Science and Spirituality are essentially the same – man’s pursuit to understand the unknown. 

While Spirituality deals with the truth of one man, the seeker, Science is more social in its approach. Science is all about replicating the same experience for the multitudes where regardless of the individual’s capacity the experience is same for all observers. Also, in Science many scientists can collaborate to the progress of a thought, validation of an idea or setting up of an experiment to demonstrate the discovery but in case Spirituality the entire realm of enquiry and Realization of truth remains largely individual. 

It is ,therefore, natural for these two paths of human progress to have divergent views and even to treat each other with doubt. In rare cases such as Einstein, Heisenberg and Tesla we have seen the lines disappear. And it is in these cases quantum leaps have been achieved in man’s knowledge of the supreme truth. 


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