Mr. Modi in the long run we are all dead..

​While all middle class Indians are supporting PM Modi on Demonetization no one actually knows how it’s going to pan out. For starters :

1. Crores of Indians have been standing in ques for 20 days now. This is tremendous loss of productivity equal to all strikes which would have happened in Kolkata in the last 100 years

2. Common Indian investor has lost lakhs in the stock market and the outlook looks bleak so fairly low chance of getting the money back

3. The small medium businesses have been worst hit and so have the farmers. Looks like Urjit had no idea about this segment. He just checked with the cronies if they have parked their money and pushed the button

4. We have sacrificed family outings, fun in marriages, deferred payment to bus drivers kaam wali bais, milkman, fought with cabbies and everyone has cooperated 

5. Bank employees have been a distressed community, many have even lost their lives and compromised their health

6. The bank’s who gave unscruplous loans to cronies thinking it’s their Baap Ka Paisa have now lowered interest rates on deposits for the common man

The list of woes is endless. Modi must come out with a timeline on when will we begin to see changes and what positive changes they will be. Just like he broke the promise of the reserve bank at 8 PM on 8th November he should come on TV and tell what’s going to happen and by when. Enough of this bhaiyon, behnon and mitron non sense !

Modi says Indian has a great future in the long run. I recall John Maynard Keynes when he says : In the long run we are all dead..

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