Freedom to try..

It is in your best and worst times that you really get to know who you are.It is in these crests and valleys you discover your ability to be a super human elated to the point where it seems heady or filled with the spirit that says I won’t go down, not like this. It is in these times you think about God or if there is something like that. It’s almost unreal the pleasure and the pain, something that you don’t go through everyday.Every time you take a new challenge, get on that highway to hell, feel that rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins, you know that it could go wrong. It could go horribly wrong. But you accept it as part of the game. Fear is just a feeling, the victory is what stays with you- the triumph of a piddly human spirit over the giant forces of the universe. You fight not because you have to but because you seek the pain. It is in pain that your soul talks to you, it is in your victory that your soul is free.

Freedom to try is freedom to live. Life exists not in the stillness of a lake but in the rushing waters of a mountain stream , of the thrashing of ocean waves against the rocks. Sometimes the river bends but sometimes the rocks get broken. Coming out of your safety zone is important. It makes you vulnerable, exposes  you to possibilities – good, bad, beautiful, ugly. You have to change. Just cant stay the same person that you were before you sang the song You always wanted, wrote that story you always wanted to tell, went on that long road trip you promised yourself, started a new venture you were so passionate about. The song may come.out awful, the story clichéd, the road trip a disaster and the venture a colossal failure. But that’s fine You tried. You pushed your boundaries. You were the wave that thrashed the rocky mountain. The glory is not in breaking a piece of rock, the glory is in being the wave. It’s in the trying, it’s not in the outcome.  Its about gathering all your might and hitting hard.

In the end what really matters is

You may win, you may lose but you will never be here again.

I wrote a small poetry once :

I will die and so will you

Take a deep breath

We have a whole life to screw !

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