Comfort Zone..

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Because only when we challenge ourselves to go out and face the uncertain does nature reward us, not only with material stuff but a strength of character, a belief in ourselves. It is said that death is the primal fear and all our fears are born out of it. Our mind identifies itself with the body and the possibility of any hurt or discomfort to it makes us anxious about what will happen. Once the mind begins to dissolve and consciousness takes over we realize the eternal nature of existence and our fears begin to give away. When we approach life from a standpoint of fearlessness, only then can we appreciate its true glory. The experience and the experienced then become one and the wholeness of what is happening comes alive. Unless this happens we only know a fraction of what the complete experience is all about. Its only when you know that there is nothing to win or nothing to loose can you enjoy the play, every moment of it.

You begin to climb mountains, go for long walks by yourself, take risks in your career, be more open to visit new places, meet new people, read new books, think new thoughts. This “newness” reflects in your personality and you become a more lively, more interesting person as you are not the same what you used to be. A Zen quote says – You can’t step into the same river twice. It’s true because the water is continuously flowing. And why would anyone want to meet the same you with same thoughts, same fears, same hopes, same things to say, same job, same skills. 

Even you yourself would ultimately get bored of the same you. That nagging feeling will take over that my life is going nowhere. I am either stuck or running to stand still.

So step out, face your fears and anxieties and change yourself for the better one small step at a time, may be. 

But take that step.You owe it to yourself..


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