Competition is unnatural

If we look carefully at life around us we will find that survival is natural and even a small seed fights against all odds to manifest the life inside it. .

It struggles against the very forces of nature that sustain it, to take the form it is supposed to – a mighty Oak or a tall Deodar.

On the other hand, competition is not natural but man made. We have been conditioned to believe that our success is somehow dependent on the failure of those around us. Our happiness, we believe is relative to how miserable people around us are. This sense of false competition is drilled into our minds from our school days where the grading system ensures that we hate our best friends when the results are out. It continues through out and the ugliest form comes alive in modern day organizations – business, government or political. 

A casual look at flowers in your garden or a park can change this distorted point of view.
A flower never competes with another flower next to it. It just blooms resplendent in its own glory.

 Also, the more the flowers the more abundant and beautiful is the garden. 

Nature teaches us in so many way but more than our eyes and ears our minds are closed. This has happened through centuries of systemic destruction our thinking mind, our observing intellect and our pure consciousness. 

It is time to change now. At least for me..


One comment on “Competition is unnatural

  1. Loved this one ! Totally agree with you

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