Nirbhay Nirgun – Kabir 

This is my 2nd most favorite bhajan by Kabir ( after Yugan Yugan hum Yogi ). In this bhajan Kabir talks about his Nirgun Yog Sadhna – how he concentrates on mooladhar chakra or performs pranayama, he must let go of falsehood and synthesize the five elements, where there is no other sound but an anhad naad only. At the end he knows he will win over his limitations and celebrate his victory.

निर्भय निर्गुण गुण रे गाऊंगा

मूल-कमल दृढ़-आसन बांधूं जी

उल्‍टी पवन चढ़ाऊंगा

निर्भय निर्गुण ।। 

मन-ममता को थिर कर लाऊं जी 

पांचों तत्व मिलाऊंगा 

निर्भय निर्गुण ।। 

इंगला-पिंगला-सुखमन नाड़ी

त्रिवेणी पे हां नहाऊंगा

निर्भय-निर्गुण ।।  

पांच-पचीसों पकड़ मंगाऊं-जी 

एक ही डोर लगाऊंगा

निर्भय निर्गुण ।।

शून्‍य-शिखर पर अनहद बाजे जी

राग छत्‍तीस सुनाऊंगा

निर्भय निर्गुण ।।

कहत कबीरा सुनो भई साधो जी

जीत निशान घुराऊंगा ।

निर्भय-निर्गुण ।।

There are 3 versions of this and I like all three but the best among them is the one sung by AR Rahman’s music academy in Chennai. The original if course is by Pt. Kumar Gandharv.

Let me know in comments which version did you find close to your heart..

One comment on “Nirbhay Nirgun – Kabir 

  1. Anita joshi says:

    kumar gandharva rendition is something which takes you to another world…

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