Being busy, being stupid..

“Of all ridiculous things the most ridiculous seems to me, to be busy — to be a man who is brisk about his food and his work,” 

~ Kierkegaard 

Take time to stop and smell the roses. It’s like a strategy for enjoying life and being more productive at the same time. The more aware you are about yourself and your surrounding, the more you can absorb. As you observe more and watch less, You get into the habit of looking at the finer details. Its like how you can.make sense of a movie plot as an audience while the character themselves cannot. To put it even more visually imagine yourself standing 5 inches or 5 feet away from the TV screen. In which case would you be able to see the picture more clear ? When you consciously slow down, new insights emerge from old information and since you have been practising it all the time now you are able to see things differently. Almost as if your green is different from everyone else’s green. This different point of view, this fresh outlook, this newness is what is going to make you more valuable. Even in professional life you will never be rewarded disproportionately for doing the same job that others can do albeit that you can do it more efficiently. To break the bonds of appraisal cycle is not easy. The world around is full of copy cats , of average people because all of them do the same activity as each other. The systems of evaluation, therefore, are also created to measure mediocrity, to assess average behaviour. To stand out you have to change the perspective, redefine the parameters, bring something new to the table. You will have to make others think. But this won’t happen if you do the same stuff as everyone else is doing. I once read a beautiful quote about books by Haruki Murakami :

If you only read the books that everyone else is readingyou can only think what everyone else is thinking”

The modern life has created this myth about being busy. If you are busy then you are important. Doing what? and to whom? is a question we never ask of us or of others. Even when we go on a holiday we want to “cover” the important places and make sure we have pictures standing next to them. That is why it important to take time, to step back, even to stop sometimes and make sense of your journey. Trust me, it’s much more fulfilling and rewarding for your own self. 

No one else is bothered about you anyways..


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