How to build character..

We must understand this fundamental principle that our thoughts do not have a life of their own. On an average about a 60000 thoughts cross our mind each day. Obviously, there are all kind of thoughts – good, bad, pure, impure, intelligent, silly and so on. They come randomly from nowhere and we have little control over them. 

It’s only when we dwell upon a thought, kind of chase it, catch it and hold on to it does it become a desire. And when we desire something for a long time we are compelled to take action on it. This is how our mind works. It is like a standard operating procedure between the mind and the body. 

Once we take action it’s pretty much the manifestation of our thoughts. No one can read our mind but everyone can see our actions. We are therefore, judged by the quality of our actions and not the color of our thoughts. That’s why it’s said that actions speak louder than words. Because while words convey our intent our actions depict our character.

Now if we loop back we will know why it’s so important to have purity in our thoughts. If all thoughts are pure, the mind will have no choice but to pick from them only and our actions will do good for us and for others. 

As a corollary it’s important to reduce the number of thoughts too. Because if the mind has to choose from a lesser number of thoughts it will be more clear. With only a handful of mindful thoughts absolute clarity will emerge and we can say that the person has become स्थितप्रज्ञ (Stithprajna).

This is the way to build great character. There is no other way..


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