A Mind Map of Living

Our limited ideas about ourselves come from a kind of linear thinking which has been put in our minds from the day we started learning the basic building blocks of life. Linear thinking appears to make life simple, not only for us, but for the society as well. We are made to believe that we can achieve success in life when our goals are single minded, our approach is straight forward and our effort are more focused. How to define success and that it is an individual occurrence not a collective phenomenon is however conveniently ignored. Now if we look at nature around us it seems to be quite complex, at least at the first instance. Everything seems to be inter connected, there is stuff happening for no apparent reason and yet there are rules that govern the entire existence. It even looks like there is no goal or purpose and yet everything is perfect the way it is – cheerful and content. There does seem to be a method in the madness and that method sustains the entire universe and everything in it.

So how can we as inherent constituents of the same nature be in alignment with nature if we don’t do as what should be natural to us. It is a fact that like nature we exist in multiple dimensions, our personality has many layers to it and our source of joy & happiness, just like our source of misery & sadness stems from many different facets of our being. It is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all kind of a scenario, no. Imagine that our lives are a mystery or simply put a problem to be solved. Would you go with a linear or a multi dimensional approach ?

Mind maps are a great way to make sense of our lives. Just as they are used for iterative decision making in business they can be used to sort out the goals and priorities of our lives. Look at the below video where Jenny Blake tries to define her goals for the year 2017. Jenny is the Author of Pivot – the only move that matters is your next one and has been a career coach at Google. The key idea is to first define the different areas in which you want to succeed and then highlight what does success mean in each one of them.Making goals, sub goals and quantifying them can further facilitate breaking down and measuring achievement.

A Mind Map of Living is quite a  powerful idea which can help us to get better control of our lives. In the short term it can ensure direction and speed. In the long run happiness and satisfaction. 


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