Mind Games..

I have been practicing to observe my mind for a few years now. At first it was so very difficult to think of me as someone different from my mind but now I can sift a little, typically when I (or my mind) am not agitated. 

Let me give you an example from today. I woke up at 9 AM today ignoring the 6 AM alarm thrice and was instantly filled with a sense of loss and lethargy. Now instead of speeding up to make up for the lost hours I started loitering around the house, irritating Anant (who was still dozing) and generally gazing into the oblivion. At around 1130 AM I realized that I have some important work at the bank and I have also promised to meet some friends from writers community at the Café. As an old habit, I immediately started cursing myself. Then suddenly something inside me said – wait a minute. The same mind which instigated me to waste my time since morning is now reprimanding me for being careless and lagging. I decided to take my revenge and picked up the phone. I was ready to waste another hour just to show my mind who is in control. But what the hell, the bank guy called and asked “Are you coming?” 

I looked at the watch, kept the phone down and rushed to take bath and get ready.

As I write this post I am reminded that the way to control the mind is through discipline. It’s almost like a child who knows that he is not going to get the candy for creating ruckus everytime, stops crying by itself. Neuro scientists also believe that if we do something regularly for 6 weeks it creates a pathway in the brain and it becomes a habit. It is already 15 minutes past 10 PM, the time I had decided that I will sleep today. There is no way I am going to skip the walk at Cubbon Park and Jalebi at Tewari’s. 

Guten Abend folks. So long till the next post..


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