Sultana Daku, his horse and the Clock Tower 

It is said that when cornered by the british forces Sultana Daku jumped from the 67 meter high clock tower into a pond below and escaped.My grandpa told me that these were stories concocted by the servants of the Noblemen to put the kids to sleep. The truth is that he jumped straight away on his horseback from the top of the tower and fled the scene. This is legendary stuff that Lucknow is made of and this is why the love of story telling flows through my veins. 
Here is some more dope on this. Hope you will insist to visit the clock tower when you are in Lucknow next time.

The Hussainabad Clock Tower, the tallest Clock Tower in India, is one of the finest examples of British Architecture in India. The 221-foot tall structure was erected by Nawab Nasir-ud-din Haider to mark the arrival of Sir George Couper, 1st Lieutenant Governor of United Province of Avadh in the year 1887 at a cost of Rs. 1.75 lakhs. The contract for constructing the clock tower was given to James William Benson, the royal clock maker in England who made clocks for the queen of England.

The Clock tower also has the biggest fitted clock . Roskell Payne designed this lofty structure of 67 meter high and it reflects Victorian-Gothic style structural designs. Gunmetal is used for building the clock parts. It’s gigantic pendulum has a length of 14 feet and the dial of the clock is designed in the shape of a 12-petalled flower and bells around it. The tower has been restored to its original glory and last time I passed by it was even showing the correct time !!

If you care to get down and go near, You will notice the Swan Bird at the very top which was probably a weathervane and gave the direction of the wind. Recently the head fell off and it is said to have weighed 13 Kgs !! Now it’s been put back up I guess.

And one last trivia – On a clear day one can see the city of Cawnpore (Kanpur)from top of this tower. I tried to test it out but they did not let me in. They said that I looked too depressed to be allowed a safe passage lest I jump from above. After all I am not Sultana Daku 😊

Pic Credit – We are Lucknowites 


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