With an opposition like that..

I was reading this news about Sanjay Singh(AAP) once again getting confused between his mouth and his rectum and it got me thinking what has gone wrong with the opposition in India ? Thought of putting down my assessment of the situation so things are more clear at least in my mind. Any opposition to my views will be gross ‘intolerance’ on your part. 😊

To begin with, in a country of 80 % Hindus, secularism can never be something that can win elections for you. Some ‘Sanatan Dharmis’ are more open about their beliefs and identity and some are silent spectators but everyone knows where their interests lie. That is a hard fact – one likes it or not. Today BJP has positioned themselves as the benefactor of Hindus just as Congress did for Muslims and Christians since independence. The block voting phenomenon was perfected to a fault and both sides enjoyed the rich rewards. But now BJP has successfully created rifts within the Muslim community by bringing up issues such as Triple Talaq. Shias and Women seem to be standing opposite to Sunni hardliners and Maulvis. The block has been shattered into its components. In the given scenario being secular can at best be one slide at the end of your presentation but if you make it a case for the “majority” to vote for you the strategy will fail miserably. You can’t say in capital letters that if we come to power we will screw the happiness Hindus and then expect them to love you for saying that. It’s plain anti thesis of human behaviour. 

The other problem is that the entire opposition is trying to woo the same 20 % instead of breaking BJPs vote bank into fragments, something which Mayawati did successfully in UP for quite some time.But then everyone is too afraid of loosing familiar territory or handing it over to competition so they have this ‘Secular than thou’ match going on which further consolidates BJPs position. I have myself seen many ‘liberals’ converting to right wing due to stupid assaults by the opposition like this one and the calf slaughter fiasco. Most Hindus including me are not opposed to eating beef as long as we are not provoked or ‘shown’ our right place. Hinduism is a way of peaceful co existence and self discovery unlike Islam which was born out of strife and has its roots in violence. Nothing wrong or right but that’s just the way it is. All of us know what would have been the fate of Hindus, Christians, Buddhists if there were 80 % muslims in India. There are shining examples in Pakistan and Bangladesh for those who have a doubt.

The bottom line is that opposition parties in India have completely lost the plot and BJP will continue to be in power and add new lands to its ever expanding dominion thanks to assholes line Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, Mamta Banerjee, Azam Khan, Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal and of course Mani Shankar Aiyar..

Whether this trend is good or bad for the nation only time will tell.


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