Mad mad world..

I usually avoid political posts on my blog but couldn’t resist myself from die to the sheer absurdity of it all.

The writer(a muslim himself) is basically making the case that while the poor Rohingyas seeking asylum may not be responsible individually, it is the mentality of hate and violence which has led to an insecurity among the Buddhists in Burma. They fear that if 4 % can create so much trouble what if they are in majority. We all know what happened in Kashmir and the systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindus in the Indian sub continent. Whether we say it or not Hindus in India the same fear else Modi-Yogi wouldn’t have won with such astounding majority. The question to ask is that while all other religions can co exist peacefully why only followers of Islam are fighting everywhere, even amongst themselves? Nothing will change till the sensible Muslims take control, do some soul searching and then some serious image management. Muslims have given so much to the world and most of them are exceptional people then why is it that the word ‘Muslim’ itself has become a curse and is looked down upon or with fear, anger, hatred and suspicion? But going by the abuses in the comments section by Muslims it’s not going to happen anytime soon. They have already decided which side they are on. Funny part is that some of the silly Hindu Nationalists have not even bothered to read the article and are also abusing the author 😊 It’s really become a mad mad world…

2 comments on “Mad mad world..

  1. Neerja says:

    Hi read your blog carefully and watched the video clip You see this is so true that Muslim are most intolerant religions of our world now you are right where ever they are together in number they try to over power you this religion needs to be taught according to me Myanmar is doing right there is full fledged army of these Muslim they are working as terrorist kill Buddhist monk and they breed like mosquitoes

    • aahang says:

      Hi Neerja, while I try to stay from rhetoric like breeding like mosquitos the fact is that the Muslim population in India has doubled since independence while the hindus have been annihilated in both Muslim majorities Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even in Kashmir a Muslim majority did exactly to Hindus what Buddhists are doing to them in Myanmar. When one finds that they are not able to get along with anyone it is the time to sit back and think where has one gone wrong. But when the philosophy you follow teaches you to obliter mnate everyone who does not agree then it’s a difficult choice to make. Islam was relevant in a tribal Arabia it needs a complete rejig which it’s followers will have to take up as a time bound activity or face alienation and hatred. Hate to say it but it’s a fact nonetheless..

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