Dead, not deleted

~ You know, I was just thinking

~ what ?

~ when we delete the files on our computer where do they go?

~ to the recycle bin. Where else !

~ no no I meant after we delete them from there too

~ what do you mean? They just cease to exist anymore.

~ or may be they go to the same place where all my ball pens, hankeys and odd socks have gone

~ those things don’t go anywhere

~ are you sure ? Then why don’t we ever find them?

~ hmm..

~ think about it this way. I am talking to you now. It’s like a video file getting stored in my head and probably yours too

~ right

~ now even though we may not recall it tomorrow or day after or anytime soon, one day after say 5 years from now when I am deleting a file I may remember this conversation – your image and me talking to you and all that

~ which means it never went anywhere

~ yes it was in my consciousness and it was in your consciousness too

~ but that doesn’t apply to files on a computer

~ why not ? I was reading about a man whose girlfriend had died so he deactivated her facebook account. But everytime he logged in she used to ping him or comment on or like his post

~ you are kidding me. Someone must have had her password and was perhaps trying to be funny

~ no it’s not like that. He changed her account password many times and even told facebook. No one could stop it.

~ seriously that’s pretty scary

~ why ? You read my blog regularly. Don’t you ?

~ yes I do

~ then what happens to my blog if I die tomorrow. No one else knows my password also.

~ what are you getting at?

~ nothing. Have you ever wondered where do we go after we die?

~ yes sometimes. I think we cease to exist like those computer files.

~ or may be not. We continue to exist in other people’s minds. And now even on facebook accounts or on blog posts

~ you are scaring me. I am not reading your blog anymore and will block your facebook account

~ do you think I am gonna die soon

~ no but I don’t feel right the way you put it

~ and by the way. How do you know I am not already dead. After all you just follow my blog and we chat on facebook. Have you heard of ghost accounts?

~ yes I have

~ and about ghosts ?

~ just stop it

~ sorry I can’t. No one can. No one..


4 comments on “Dead, not deleted

  1. aahang says:

    I am happy you liked the post. It was just something random that came to my mind while I was reading Wind Up Bird Chronicle. It’s a bit Murakamian that way 🙂

  2. Sona's blog(what to do with thoughts) says:


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