तुम परिंदों से ज़ियादा तो नहीं हो आज़ाद

शाम होने को है अब घर की तरफ़ लौट चलो

~ इरफान सिद्दीकी

ये धूप किनारा

ये धूप किनारा शाम ढले मिलते हैं दोंनो वक्त जहाँ जो रात न दिन, जो आज न कल पल भर में अमर, पल भर में धुंआँ इस धूप किनारे, पल दो पल होठों की लपक, बाँहों की खनक ये मेल हमारा झूठ न सच क्यों रार करें, क्यों दोष धरें किस कारण झूठी बात करें जब तेरी समन्दर आँखों में इस शाम का सूरज डूबेगा सुख सोयेंगे घर-दर वाले और राही अपनी राह लेगा There is a history of this Faiz Nazm with me and no it’s not romantic. Actually, I was once asked to compere at a Wal Mart Blr get together and I read this poem among a crowd of South Indian friends who were like – what is he even saying man !! It was quite embarrassing. The memory just came back today when I heard this beautiful rendering by Tanya. Life is fun..👍🏼😄


People were interesting at first. Then later, slowly but surely, all the flaws and madness would manifest themselves.

I would become less and less to them; they would mean less and less to me.

~ Charles Bukowski

Its all so funny

Yesterday someone told me that I was quite funny.

I wanted to tell him that once you realize deep down what circus you have been thrown into, ‘being funny’ is the only sensible choice.


“To know one’s own state is not a simple matter. One cannot look directly at one’s own face with one’s own eyes, for example. One has no choice but to look at one’s reflection in the mirror. Through experience, we come to believe that the image is correct, but that is all.”
― The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle