My love for you is atomic

In the field of quantum mechanics there is something called quantum entanglement. It is what happens when 2 particles interact, vibrate in unison, & are separated. They remain connected by something that defies logic, something science has yet to explain. If one particle vibrates, no matter the distance, the other particle reacts in unison. Even if there are oceans between them, even if there is a universe separating them.
Before time we were just a dense collection of particles confined to a space smaller than a proton, interacting and moving in unison. An event occurred that rapidly expanded the particles and created the universe. There is no reason to believe the particles ever lost thethr entanglement.
Now, when I say I am drawn to you, that I feel I have known you since the beginning of time, know that it’s beyond my control. Know there are particles that compose me, my very fabric of being, and somewhere inside of you are the particles mine danced with millions of years ago. I’ve spent an eternity chasing that part of you.

~ Tyler Kent White

Quantum Entanglement

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