Aahang Anniversary

आते हैं ग़ैब से ये मज़ामीं ख़याल में ‘ग़ालिब’ सरीर-ए-ख़ामा नवा-ए-सरोश है
These lines come in my thoughts from an unknown place
Ghalib’s pen is just the sound of some divine voice..

A year ago, during the book launch, someone asked me what inspires me to tell a story? And the answer which spontaneously came to me was “To be honest I don’t write the story. The story compels me to write itself. I can only give myself the credit of editing what is already there on the paper/screen. Good or bad is up to the reader to decide.” When I ponder over above lines from Ghalib I don’t think he was more gifted than me, what I know is that his pain was far greater than mine and so was his ability to translate his turmoil in words which have touched the heart of millions for centuries now. The divinity shines in all of us equally – it’s just that only few can share the light with the world in its truest, clearest form..

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