For the ascetics, it is the day Shiva became one with Mount Kailash. He became like a mountain – absolutely still. In the yogic tradition, Shiva is not worshiped as a God, but considered as the Adi Guru, the first Guru from whom the knowledge originated. After many millennia in meditation, one day he became absolutely still. That day is Mahashivratri. All movement in him stopped and he became utterly still, so ascetics see Mahashivratri as the night of stillness.

Legends apart, why this day and night are held in such importance in the yogic traditions is because of the possibilities it presents to a spiritual seeker. Modern science has gone through many phases and arrived at a point today where they are out to prove to you that everything that you know as life, everything that you know as matter and existence, everything that you know as the cosmos and galaxies, is just one energy which manifests itself in millions of ways.

This scientific fact is an experiential reality in every yogi. The word “yogi” means one who has realized the oneness of the Existence. When I say “yoga,” I am not referring to any one particular practice or system. All longing to know the unbounded, all longing to know the oneness in the Existence is yoga. The night of Mahashivaratri offers a person an opportunity to experience this.

Source : Isha Yoga

A beautiful composition written by Prasoon Joshi and sung by Kailash Kher :

Leadership Lessons – Hanuman Chalisa



Last week we were having a session on Leadership within my team and we discussed many different aspects of this much sought after trait in the corporate world. But as we delved deeper into the subject and contrasted the leadership styles along with questions about morality, right and wrong, success and failure there was no one answer to the puzzle. I have always believed that among the many different qualities that one needs to master in worldly life Leadership is one of the toughest. I attribute this difficulty to the fact that while in interaction with hardware and software the outcome for a particular action is fixed, in case of human beings who posses one of the most complex softwares ( brain) known to man, the response could vary significantly. Also, while the machine will not hold the negative interaction against you and will in the first place tell you why or what it did not like a human being may never tell you about their impression but even hold their dislike for a long time. Again, to what extent even they will not know as it is a function of a number of things – your reaction, their own situation or circumstances, what others tell them about you, their own ability to forgive and forget. The data points are varied for both the leader and the follower and then you could have a dynamics going on within the followers themselves. They may see your actions as biased or dislike you for liking someone they don’t like and so on. A leader therefore has this unique of being a sage while excelling in the material world.

You see so many bosses around you but how many of them you can call leaders ?

While driving back home I was constantly engaged in the thought about how can this code be cracked.While I had enough question and a few answers it was clear to me that the answer was within me and not outside. How people look at me or get influenced by my behavior was indeed a function of my own mastery of myself. If I could attain a higher state of being unmoved by the trivial and ever enjoying a state of peaceful existence but at the same time having the drive and courage to do what is required of me I could probably inspire others around me to a certain degree.

The car stereo was all this time playing a soulful rendition of Hanuman Chalisa by Swami Tejomayananda and as usual I was humming along with Guruji. In this particular CD Swamiji has sung the Hanuman Chalisa in 7 different Ragas and in between each rendition he tells some anecdote about the great qualities of  Bajrang Bali. He was telling now about the 8 Siddhis which were awarded to Hanumanji by Sitaji and that Hanumanji was a giver of these Siddhis to his Ananya (unique or superlative) bhakts. I had heard about the Siddhis before and had always thought that Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji)  possessed all of them. But today it was special – while Swamiji explained the verbal meaning of the what the Siddhis meant he also declared that we did not literally need to strive to achieve them but can take the gist of what they stood for and put them into practice in our lives. As an old habit I started making a mental note of what Swamiji was saying but soon enough I realized that the answer I was seeking was right there. The new 8 fold path of Hanumanji’s Siddhis was all I needed. Each Siddhi represents a different quality of ones character and if imbibed correctly they can really transform you not only as a leader but as a human being.

Let me take you through each one of them and you can decide for yourself :

  1. Anima – is to become small. Taken literally it is the miniature form that Bajrang Bali takes when he takes Shri Ram’s message to Sita in Lanka. But if you consider the import and apply it to our lives then it could mean not pandering to our ego on every small instance. We all know that there are times when if you can say sorry the job will be done but we keep holding our position just to satisfy our ego. Sometimes we even garb it as self respect. Trust me the ‘self’ does not need respect of all things as it is beyond human condition. In daily life it could mean a simple thing such as saying sorry ! In personal and professional life sometimes even if you know that the other person is being unreasonable, look at the larger picture and say OK you win. But then there is a challenge – you should know when to hold on and when to let go. A leader represents change and disrupts the status quo so he cannot be seen as giving up the cause. Having set a higher goal, the trick is not get bogged down by the trivial. This is the key.
  2. Mahima – The second Siddhi is the opposite of Anima and verbatim it means to become big. In Hanuman Chalisa this is described as Sukshm roop dhari siyahin dikhawa, Vikat roop dhari lank jarava, bhim roop dhar asur sanhare Ram chandra ke kaaj sanware. Hanuman ji attains a humongous form and burns the entire Lanka fighting with numerous powerful demons and jumping from one palace to the other as if he was jumping puddles. So now if we consider what this could mean to us – well, in life we meet so many situations where we have to act bigger than what we actually are or let me say what we think we actually are. This is specially relevant in the context of leadership. There are stations in life which require you to ‘become’ big and take a higher position. It could be a team lead, head of an institution, a CEO and so on. But when such a challenge comes don’t have self doubt or cower down, cringe and lose confidence. Understand that its not because of some false  image that you have projected that you are being given a higher role, it is because others have seen in  you the qualities that can help achieve the objective. You are in the front seat so you are being asked to drive. Don’t bring in your ego as it will create all kind of illusions. Just do what needs to be done ! Rise to the challenge and take everyone along with you. If your intention is good and your ideals high then where is the question of not taking a bigger form ?
  3. Garima – The third Sidhdhi has been described by many of Maharaj ji’s followers. Once he was not well and being an old man a disciple tried to offer support while going down the stairs. He recollects that when Maharaj ji gave his hand he felt that the weight of the entire world has come upon him and he will get crushed.neem Just then Maharaj ji looked at him and he was back to normal. Of course, this was Babaji’s leela ! Now for us this Siddhi could simply mean that one must have a Stoic nature in life. Good and bad , Happiness and sorrow, Winning and loosing are all part of the game of life. Swami Chinmayanada used to say that always remember – Even this will pass away. This holds equally true for favorable and unfavorable conditions. Just like the good times did not last so will the phase when things are less than perfect. Again for a leader it is important to know that praise needs to be taken in one’s stride as much as criticism. Not everything you do or every decision you take can be favorable to all and it also depends upon their own understanding and state of mind. If you get exalted with every little success or every small praise then you are bound to act the opposite when you have to face tougher times. Stand straight, not straightened as Marcus Aurelius the great Stoic would say.
  4. Laghima – is the quality of becoming light as a feather. This lightness enabled Hanumanji to fly as fast as the fastest bird and being the son of Pavan- the God of air he had this inherent quality of being like the air itself. Now the interpretation of this lightness for us would mean being ‘light hearted‘ or not taking every little thing too seriously. Have some fun in what you do everyday and take time off for simple pleasures of living. I have come across many people who take life quite seriously and they have found my view of life so different from theirs that they have gone to the extent of calling me careless, slow and easy. But on the other hand I have seen the misery of these characters who will stay up the whole night as someone passed a comment which they thought was not in the right spirit. Now the person who said it went home and slept but they will stay up the whole night thinking – oh my God how could he/she say this ! Also, almost always I have found that what seems to be a big problem as we conjure up dooms day scenarios within our minds usually has very simple outcomes. I am not saying that we keep acting funny and stupid but then take time to step back and look at things as they are. To be able to laugh at yourself is a wonderful way of doing away with the burden. Bob Marley said – Don’t you worry about a thing…every little thing is gonna be all right. I think he really made a point there.
  5. Prakamya – or taking the desired form at will. Hanumanji could transform into a Human being, a monkey and take many other forms he willed to or if they were required for him to accomplish the task of his master Bhagwan Shri Ram. It is a great Siddhi again which tells us that to meet the given objective or to perform the task at hand one should be able to change the attitude, the manner and the disposition/temperament. I always joke that Shah Rukh Khan has not acted in some 50 movies , he has acted in just one movie but it has been released or shown to us some 50 times ! As in the world of drama it is important to get under the skin of the character, in life too it is important to understand your role really well. And just as in the movies if one is playing a king he should look and feel like a king not a beggar in life too if one is in a position of respect one should make sure he does not bring down the stature of the position. ‘ Acting’ your part is an art we need to develop consistently. When in the office behave like a boss or an employee but once at home change your role to a father, a son or a loving husband. Never take the tension of your home to work or bring back worries from the office to the dinner table. The ability to switch ‘on’ and switch ‘off’ is one of most important traits of a great leader. And if we keep the first 4 Siddhis in mind and practice them well Prakamya should become our second nature.
  6. Prapti –  This Siddhi relates to transcending the limitation of Human form and to be able to reach wherever and whenever. It also implies being present at different places at the same time. This great Siddhi was possessed by Maharaj ji as there have been numerous instances of devotees seeing Baba Neem Karoli at different places at the same time. Many times people have described him to appear and disappear almost instantaneously although he always tried to find some excuse or the other for this phenomenon and scolded his followers of creating unnecessary myths.  For us this Siddhi would simply mean ‘resourcefulness’  or being able to create an environment around us that is favorable to what we want to accomplish. Getting the right tools, the right people, the right financial resources which can take the endeavor  forward is what is required of a leader. It could also mean removing the hurdles that would take the team or the organization from point A to Point B. Of course, where the point B is something bigger and higher in the  scheme of things. To be ‘able’ to reach the desired goal through one’s enterprise and to inspire others is in true sense having Prapti as a Siddhi.
  7. Ishitwa –  The way of being a Lord or a Master is referred to as Ishitwa. If taken literally it could itself mean being a leader but a leader is not a master or a lord. He is one among the followers and yet he is revered and respected as the group believes that by following the leader they can bring about positive change in their own life. Unlike a Master a leader does not permit freedom or impose sanctions. The leader shows the way within the same boundaries and limitations that the followers are also subjected to. Now in doing so he does win the hearts of the followers and in a sense he does rule over them, but over their hearts.Ruling over the heart is the key to Ishitwa as the organization structure or the position one holds for the time being may give powers so you start believing that it is you who can change the destiny of your people. But it is important that the belief is there not in you but in the people for whom you are responsible for. Remember that you are not only responsible for the good that happens to your followers but even the bad that they have to go through because of your indecision, your incompetence, your self doubt.
  8. Vashitwa –  To have someone in your ‘vash’ is usually thought of as a kind of Hypnosis. But wouldn’t you get hypnotized by the very presence of someone as pure, as powerful and as simple as Hanumanji. Even Bhagwaan said that I have two kind of Bhakts – First are those who love me a lot and the second are those whom I love more than everyone else. Hanumanji was one such Bhakt that even Bhagwan Shri Ram was hypnotized by his love and selfless service. We can also have people not only liking us but loving us as they would just be reciprocating our sincerity and genuineness towards them. A bond of loyalty is stronger than any form of Hypnotism. It has the power to stay even after the bad times have fallen and the name, fame and power are long gone. A true leader will have followers who love him for who he is and the feeling of being loved and cared for in his presence. The sense of security that comes from the fact that the leader would not let any harm happen creates a special bond of trust. This bond is what keeps the group together.

I sincerely wish and hope that Lord Hanuman will help me develop the above qualities. I know this itself will be a big Sadhana for me. It is much easier to write a blog post than to practice these seemingly easy behaviors in the ‘real’ world. But I also know that without ‘Tapa’ there are no ‘Siddhis’ and if I cannot push myself for these simple earthly qualities I can never hope to  pursue what is higher and divine in this life.

Tum Ek Gorakh Dhandha Ho – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

कभी यहाँ तुम्हें ढूँढा, कभी वहाँ पहुँचा,

तुम्हारी दीद की खातिर कहाँ कहाँ पहुँचा,

ग़रीब मिट गये, पा-माल हो गये लेकिन,

किसी तलक ना तेरा आज तक निशाँ पहुँचा

हो भी नही और हर जा हो,

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[ दीद = vision, पा-माल = Trodden under foot, Ruined, गोरखधंधा = puzzle, enigma]


हर ज़र्रे में किस शान से तू जलवानुमा है,

हैरान है मगर अक़ल, के कैसा है तू क्या है?

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[ज़र्रे = grain/speck of dust, जलवानुमा = magical/divine, अक़ल = mind/Thought]

तुझे दैर-ओ-हरम मे मैने ढूँढा तू नही मिलता,

मगर तशरीफ़ फर्मा तुझको अपने दिल में देखा है

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[दैर-ओ-हरम = temple & mosque; तशरीफ़ फर्मा = to take position ]


जब बजुज़ तेरे कोई दूसरा मौजूद नही,

फिर समझ में नही आता तेरा परदा करना

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[बजुज़ = except]


जो उलफत में तुम्हारी खो गया है,

उसी खोए हुए को कुछ मिला है,

ना बुतखाने, ना काबे में मिला है,

मगर टूटे हुए दिल में मिला है,

अदम बन कर कहीं तू छुप गया है,

कहीं तू हस्त बुन कर आ गया है,

नही है तू तो फिर इनकार कैसा ?

नफी भी तेरे होने का पता है ,

मैं जिस को कह रहा हूँ अपनी हस्ती,

अगर वो तू नही तो और क्या है ?

नही आया ख़यालों में अगर तू,

तो फिर मैं कैसे समझा तू खुदा है ?

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[उलफत = love/enamored; अदम = lifeless; हस्त = life; नफी = precious; हस्ती = life/existence ]


हैरान हूँ इस बात पे, तुम कौन हो , क्या हो?

हाथ आओ तो बुत, हाथ ना आओ तो खुदा हो

अक़्ल में जो घिर गया, ला-इंतिहा क्यूँ कर हुआ?

जो समझ में आ गया फिर वो खुदा क्यूँ कर हुआ?

फलसफ़ी को बहस क अंदर खुदा मिलता नही,

डोर को सुलझा रहा है और सिरा मिलता नही

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[बुत = idol; अक़्ल = mind/Thought; ला-इंतिहा = boundless; फलसफ़ी = philosopher; बहस=debate]


छुपते नही हो, सामने आते नही हो तुम,

जलवा दिखा के जलवा दिखाते नही हो तुम,

दैर-ओ-हरम के झगड़े मिटाते नही हो तुम,

जो असल बात है वो बताते नही तो तुम

हैरान हूँ मैरे दिल में समाये हो किस तरह,

हाँलाके दो जहाँ में समाते नही तो तुम,

ये माबद-ओ-हरम, ये कालीसा-ओ-दैर क्यूँ,

हरजाई हो जॅभी तो बताते नही तो तुम

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[ माबद-ओ-हरम = temple & moseque; कालीसा-ओ-दैर = church & temple ]


दिल पे हैरत ने अजब रंग जमा रखा है,

एक उलझी हुई तस्वीर बना रखा है,

कुछ समझ में नही आता के ये चक्कर क्या है?

खेल क्या तुम ने अजल से रचा रखा है?

रूह को जिस्म के पिंजड़े का बना कर क़ैदी,

उस पे फिर मौत का पहरा भी बिठा रखा है

दे के तदबीर के पंछी को उड़ाने तूने,

दाम-ए-तक़दीर भी हर सिम्त बिछा रखा है

कर के आरैश-ए-क़ौनाईन की बरसों तूने,

ख़तम करने का भी मंसूबा बना रखा है,

ला-मकानी का बहरहाल है दावा भी तुम्हें,

नहन-ओ-अक़लाब का भी पैगाम सुना रखा है

ये बुराई, वो भलाई, ये जहन्नुम, वो बहिश्त,

इस उलट फेर में फर्माओ तो क्या रखा है ?

जुर्म आदम ने किया और सज़ा बेटों को,

अदल-ओ-इंसाफ़ का मेआर भी क्या रखा है?

दे के इंसान को दुनिया में खलाफत अपनी,

इक तमाशा सा ज़माने में बना रखा है

अपनी पहचान की खातिर है बनाया सब को,

सब की नज़रों से मगर खुद को छुपा रखा है

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[हैरत = confusion; अजल = time immemorial; रूह=soul; जिस्म =body; तदबीर = action/diligent दाम-ए-तक़दीर=trick of luck; सिम्त = direction; आरैश-ए-क़ौनाईन = decoration of both world ला-मकानी = homeless; नहन-ओ-अक़लाब = place for praying; अदल-ओ-इंसाफ़ = justice and equity मेआर = benchmark; खलाफत = kingdom]


नित नये नक़्श बनाते हो, मिटा देते हो,

जाने किस ज़ुर्म-ए-तमन्ना की सज़ा देते हो?

कभी कंकड़ को बना देते हो हीरे की कनी ,

कभी हीरों को भी मिट्टी में मिला देते हो

ज़िंदगी कितने ही मुर्दों को अदा की जिसने,

वो मसीहा भी सलीबों पे सज़ा देते हो

ख्वाइश-ए-दीद जो कर बैठे सर-ए-तूर कोई,

तूर ही बर्क- ए- तजल्ली से जला देते हो

नार-ए-नमरूद में डळवाते हो खुद अपना ख़लील,

खुद ही फिर नार को गुलज़ार बना देते हो

चाह-ए-किनान में फैंको कभी माह-ए-किनान,

नूर याक़ूब की आँखों का बुझा देते हो

दे के युसुफ को कभी मिस्र के बाज़ारों में,

आख़िरकार शाह-ए-मिस्र बना देते हो

जज़्ब -ओ- मस्ती की जो मंज़िल पे पहुचता है कोई,

बैठ कर दिल में अनलहक़ की सज़ा देते हो ,

खुद ही लगवाते हो फिर कुफ्र के फ़तवे उस पर,

खुद ही मंसूर को सूली पे चढ़ा देते हो

अपनी हस्ती भी वो इक रोज़ गॉवा बैठता है,

अपने दर्शन की लॅगन जिस को लगा देते हो

कोई रांझा जो कभी खोज में निकले तेरी,

तुम उसे झन्ग के बेले में रुला देते हो

ज़ुस्त्जु ले के तुम्हारी जो चले कैश कोई,

उस को मजनू किसी लैला का बना देते हो

जोत सस्सी के अगर मन में तुम्हारी जागे,

तुम उसे तपते हुए तल में जला देते हो

सोहनी गर तुम को महिवाल तसवउर कर ले,

उस को बिखरी हुई लहरों में बहा देते हो

खुद जो चाहो तो सर-ए-अर्श बुला कर महबूब,

एक ही रात में मेराज करा देते हो

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[नित = everyday, नक़्श = copy/model; ज़ुर्म-ए-तमन्ना = crime of desire; सलीबों = cross; ख्वाइश-ए-दीद = desire for divine vison; सर-ए-तूर = one with a halo/Saint/prophet; बर्क- ए- तजल्ली = blessing of divine menifestation; नार-ए-नमरूद = Furnace of King Nimrod;ख़लील = friend;गुलज़ार = garden;नूर= light शाह-ए-मिस्र= king of Egypt; अनलहक़ = I am the Truth/I am the God; कुफ्र = apostasy; फ़तवे= religious decree तल = desert; तसवउर = think; सर-ए-अर्श = In heaven; मेराज = exaltation]


जो कहता हूँ माना तुम्हें लगता है बुरा सा,

फिर भी है मुझे तुम से बहरहाल गिला सा,

चुप चाप रहे देखते तुम अर्श-ए-बरीन पर,

तपते हुए करबल में मोहम्मद का नवासा,

किस तरह पिलाता था लहू अपना वफ़ा को,

खुद तीन दिनो से वो अगरचे था प्यासा

दुश्मन तो बहर तौर थे दुश्मन मगर अफ़सोस,

तुम ने भी फराहम ना किया पानी ज़रा सा

हर ज़ुल्म की तौफ़ीक़ है ज़ालिम की विरासत,

मज़लूम के हिस्से में तसल्ली ना दिलासा

कल ताज सजा देखा था जिस शक़्स के सिर पर,

है आज उसी शक़्स क हाथों में ही कासा,

यह क्या है अगर पूछूँ तो कहते हो जवाबन,

इस राज़ से हो सकता नही कोई शनसा

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[अर्श-ए-बरीन = from heaven; नवासा = son of one’s daughter; फराहम = offer,तौफ़ीक़=consent/support]


आह-ए-तहकीक में हर गाम पे उलझन देखूं,

वही हालत-ओ-ख़यालात में अनबन देखूं,

बन के रह जाता हूँ तस्वीर परेशानी की,

गौर से जब भी कभी दुनिया का दर्पण देखूं

एक ही खाक से फ़ितरत के तzआदत इतने,

कितने हिस्सों में बटा एक ही आँगन देखूं,

कहीं ज़हमत की सुलगती हुई पतझड़ का सामान ,

कहीं रहमत के बरसते हुए सावन देखूं ,

कहीं फुन्कारते दरया, कहीं खामोश पहाड़ ,

कहीं जंगल, कहीं सेहरा, कहीं गुलशन देखूं ,

खून रुलाता है यह तक्सीम का अंदाज़ मुझे ,

कोई धनवान यहाँ पर कोई निर्धन देखूं ,

दिन के हाथों में फक़त एक सुलगता सूरज ,

रात की माँग सितारों से मज़्ज़यन देखूं ,

कहीं मुरझाए हुए फूल हैं सचाई के ,

और कहीं झूट के काँटों पे भी जोबन देखूं ,

रात क्या शै है, सवेरा क्या है ?

यह उजाला यह अंधेरा क्या है ?

मैं भी नाइब हूँ तुम्हारा आख़िर,

क्यों यह कहते हो के तेरा क्या है ?

तुम एक गोरखधंधा हो

[आह-ए-तहकीक = desire to inquire; गाम = step, उलझन = confusion; हालत-ओ-ख़यालात = reality & thought; फ़ितरत= Nature/Characteristic; तzआदत=division/Contradiction/Lie; ज़हमत = Inconvenience

English Version:

You Are A Puzzle:

Sometimes I looked for you here, and some times there
To have your sight I’ve been ruined and I’ve everywhere
The dear ones vanished, but No one got a lead to you

You are not, yet you are at every place,
You are a puzzle

With what splendor you can be seen in every speck
But the mind is puzzled what you look like and what you are
You are a puzzle

I looked for you in the houses of worship, but couldn’t find you
Yet I found you residing in my heart,
You are a puzzle

I couldn’t find you anywhere
But the spectacle is that You are there, where we are
You are a puzzle

If there is none but you
Then I cannot understand why veil Yourself
You are a puzzle

You manifest-in the houses of worship
Your light is resplendent in these places
You are a puzzle

He who is lost in your love, He is rewarded
You could not be found either in a temple or Ka’bah
But you could be found in a broken heart
Sometimes you are hidden as non-existence and somewhere you appear as existence
If you are not then why deny?
Even the negation confirms your existence
The one I call my Existence who is that if not you?
If you didn’t come in my thoughts
Then how did I learn you are God?
You are a puzzle

What puzzles me is who and what are You
You’re an idol when You come by and if not then You are God
You are a puzzle

How did the one who entered wisdom could become Everlasting? How did one who comes into mind’s grasp become God
The philosopher doesn’t find God in an argument
He is trying to untangle the cord but cannot find the top
You tell all You are homeless
But surprisingly You dwell in a broken heart
You are a puzzle

If there is none but You 0 God,
Then what is all this commotion about?
You are a puzzle

You don’t hide, You don’t show Yourself
You show the manifestation but don’t show Yourself
You don’t remove the conflicts of the manner of worship
You don’t reveal the exact things
I’m surprised how You accommodated in my heart?
When the two worlds are not enough for You
You are in the houses of worship
You are faithless for not showing Your countenance
You are a puzzle

The puzzle taken strange possession of my heart
A confused picture it’s drawn within it
I do not understand what all this puzzle is
What is this game You’ve been playing since the beginning of time
You made the soul the prisoner of the body’s cage and then put the guard of death on it
You make the bird of contrivance fly ‘ yet you’ve spread the net of fate everywhere
For years you adorned the world and hereafter yet you have also made the plan of destruction
Though you claim to be homeless
Yet you preached about home, kith and kin
This is bad, this good, this is hell, this is heaven
Please tell me what is in this perplexity?
For Adam’s crime you punish his children
Is that the standard of your justice?
By giving the earthly vicegerency to the man,
You have made it into a spectacle
For Your own recognition you created all
But you hide yourself from all
You are a puzzle

You draw and erase yourself
I don’t know which crime of desire you punish us
Sometimes you’ll turn a pebble into a diamond
Other times you’ll turn a diamond into dust
The one who revived many dead
You made him to adorn the crucifix
The one that longed to have your sight on the Mount Sinai
You reduced the Mount to ashes with the Lightning of your Manifestation
You wished Abraham to be thrown into Nimrud’s Fire
Then you turned that fire into flowers yourself
Sometimes you throw a Canaanite into the well of Canaanites
And then deprive Jacob of his sight
You make Joseph to be put into the slave-mart of Egypt
And then you also make him the king of Egypt
When someone reaches to the destination of higher spirituality
You make him to voice: I’m the Truth
Then allow the verdicts of infidelity against Him
You send yourself Mansoor to the crucifix
One day he too loses his life
Whom You make to see Your sight
If a Ranjha goes in Your quest
You make him in the charity of Jhang
If some Majnun goes in Your quest
You make him a beloved of some Laila
If Your love awakens in Sassi’s heart
You scorch her in a burning desert
If Sohni imagined you as her Mahinval
You drowned her into the ragging currents
You do as You wish by summoning to the Heaven
And in a single night You can make the Prophet’s Accession to Heaven
You are a puzzle

You’re Your Veil
You are a puzzle

I accept what I say You mind it a little
But still I’ve a little complaint to make
You sat quiet on your Throne and watched Muhammad’s grandson the scorching desert of Karbala
How he was giving his blood for Your Love though he was thirsty for three days
His enemies were after all enemies, but it’s sad even you didn’t provide him with a little Water
Every favour of oppression is the inheritance of the oppressor
But the oppressed is neither consoled nor comforted
Yesterday he who had a crown on his head
Today I see him with a begging bowl
What is this? If I ask, your answer is
That no one can get acquainted with this secret
You are a puzzle

You are a world of astonishment
You are a puzzle

You are Omnipresent but I do not know where
I have heard your name but I do not know your location
You are a puzzle

Once the heart’s wish is fulfilled it glows
And when eyes are gratified they are filled With tears

When a person is lost in spiritual love
He is elevated and becomes like Bahu the poet
No one comes to harm under a dagger
But the arrow in an infant’s throat becomes the scale of justice
You are a puzzle

How carefree you are.
A long story you are
You are a puzzle

Inquiring about you cause confusion at Every step
I see discord between the circumstances and Ideas
I become a picture of distress
Whenever I see in the mirror of the world
I see so many contradictions in a single eye
I see one place divided into so many parts
Somewhere I see the autumnal smoke of hardship and somewhere I see the monsoon showers of blessing
ere I see hissing rivers and there silent Mountains
Here I see a forest, there I see a desert and somewhere else I see a garden
This style of division writhes me
I see some rich and some poor here
In Day’s share, I see only one sun shinning
While the night is bedecked with millions of stars
Here I see the withered flowers of truth
There I see the thorns of lies abloom
Somewhere I see Shamas skinned alive
Somewhere I see Sarmad’s head severed
What is night? What is morning?
What is light? What is darkness?
After all I’m also your deputy, why You say “what is yours?”
You are a puzzle

What would a person see of you?
You are veiled in every way
You are a puzzle

These mosques, temples and taverns
Some believe in this and some believe in that
All are your abodes dear,
Some believe in this and some believe in that
We are convinced of your Oneness
Someone leans towards negation
But You know the truth
Someone believes in this and someone believes in that
One includes him with the creation
The other stays aloof from all
Both are Your devotees
Some believe in this and some believe in that
If all are the devotees of your name
Then why the conflict of your names?
You are a puzzle

You are in every house of worship
You are in both the worlds wherever one is
You are there for him
In everywhere You are Unique
You are a puzzle

You are the center of our quest, the world of colour and scent
You manifest all the time, You are Omnipresent
In Bahu’s surrounds there is only You
You are the beloved, very Handsome
You are the Glory and Honour of the Heavens
You are the gain of longings of the two worlds
You gave eyes and makes us perform ablution with the tears
Now give us a flask of your manifestation
Come out of the veil before me
For a short meeting and a conversation
Naaz will tell his beads place to place, street to street
Allah is one, He has no partner
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu………………….

What it means to be living…

I was watching a documentary on creation of synthetic life on discovery channel and at the end of the film they put a very pertinent question : from time memorial we have believed that life is something special and mysterious but if it can be created within a lab we may have to rethink our theories on existence, life, nature and God.

Sometime back I had read a book called the Web of life in which the author had pointed out that while we think of ourselves as central to the world around us , we are in fact an accident in the nature’s scheme of things. It is the atoms within us which have decided for some unknown reason to arrange themselves in a certain manner that gives us our shape, form, color, emotions,skills and intellect. If they decide to rearrange themselves in a different way there is jolly little we can do about it except get mad or sick or even perish and become non existent giving back to the elements what we took from them.To that extent our intelligence, beauty(handsomeness), morality, emotions are all governed by the arrangement of atoms and molecules within us. As we grow older this arrangement perhaps changes in more ways than one and we become different not only by getting old by by having more wisdom from the experiences stored in our data warehouse.The quality of analytics depends upon the quality of data and the richness of data points and so is the case with our mind.

Before I digress from the original thought let us turn to the interesting bit – if what is being proposed in Paragraph1 is possible even to a small degree then what I have quoted in para 2 doesn’t entirely hold true. Which is to say that if the atoms within me start arranging themselves which causes me pain from arthritis I could seek a remedy or even a cure from the artificial life cells and atoms within them. So on one side there is an attacking army which I do not own and has decided to fight against me but on the other side I have an army of my own that can be trained and programmed to do as I please,wish or command.This is different from antibiotics which are temporarily hired mercenaries who will cause more harm than good if not ousted from the system in time. And when your heart breaks you can go to the ‘love doctor’ and he will fix up the atoms so that you become completely oblivious to the person whom you once thought be the most important in life. Alcohol is currently used for this but again it has a transitory effect and is not free from side effects.

It might seem to be like a simple story of good vs. bad or love vs. hate but it is anything but that. It is really the theory of our existence and the very meaning of it. If we can always be happy and healthy then why go to the mosques, the temples and the churches ? Who will bother about God and seek his Blessing ? Death and decay cause fear and fear gives rise to ideas of another life, another time , another place that is accessible through the idea of a supreme being who created everything and can therefore control it whether it is on the earth or in heaven. Religion and morality which occupy a large share of our consciousness and mind space will be gone as now there will be no need for a means to attain bliss or God. You can see this now if you compare the importance of religion in the developed,the developing world and the tribals who have nothing to bank upon but the Sky and earth.

When You are always happy and healthy and you have what it takes to enjoy life to the fullest. Feeling stupid get your brain scanned and go for some Brainy cells, Feeling weak go and get some Sporty cells, Got a disease get it flushed and replace the diseased cells with good ones and so on.

But one problem will still remain – if no one dies then where will all of us live. And if we stop reproducing where will the newness in our lives come from ? and even if we suppose that we will keep rotating the same people in different parts of the world for a change who will look after such a complex system of transfers ? Also what will it mean to love if You cannot start a family or live with the same person till the end of your days as there are no end of the days anymore ? In suspended time where all people are always there humans may become like mountains seas and rivers till one day someone says enough I want to die so I can give my life a meaning. And then more and more may follow so that they can laugh and cry and strive and achieve and love and hate and live and die.

The one who preaches death as a means of salvation – finding meaning will probably become Deepak Chopra in the new world and you will have a number of Nityanands cropping up to give solution to the ever living souls trying to find some meaning in continuing to live forever without death and disease.

So what am I trying to say here….nothing great really perhaps Craig Venter should put me on a panel that advises him on how to use this new technology so it makes sense for the people and profits for him.

And then the same can be passed on to the Angels who I am sure have started to feel bored sitting and smiling there in heaven for centuries now….