You love your desire more than what’s desired

Nietzcshe said ” You love your desire more than what is desired”

Jigar Moradabadi also echoed something similar.He says :

मिल के भी जो नहीं मिलता,टूट कर दिल उसी से मिलता है

That which I have but I don’t possess,My heart keeps longing for..

I have pondered over this for a long time and put it to test on several image087occasions in my life.It is quite a profound statement when critically examined.The object of our desire is more important or the desire itself ? If the object of our desire was the one driving our thoughts and actions then it should cease to fire our senses when it is not around or we have lost all hope of getting it.But it does not happen.

बेनाम सा ये दर्द ठहर क्यूं नहीं जाता

ज़ो बीत गया है वो गुज़र क्यूं नहीं जाता

This nameless pain has no end

It has happened so why I can’t get over it

सब कुछ तो है क्या ढूंढ्ती रहती हैं निगाहें

क्या बात है मैं वक़्त पे घर क्यूं नहीं जाता

I have what I want,So what Do I seek ?

I don’t know why I can’t go home On time

We continue to write sad songs in the memory of our beloved,we continue to sulk over the house that we could not buy ,we continue to feel bad about the business school we could not get into.Isn’t it rational for the mind to just stop thinking about something that is not there and does not even present an opportunity for it to be there in  future.What stops the mind to be rational is its inability to distinguish between a world that is real and outside and the one which it has created for itself.

I have found that over a period of time it becomes a habit of the mind and it feels insecure about letting it go.”I think therefore I am” so if I stop thinking I may cease to be.Thinking and being lost in memories is minds favorite past time and it clings on to it as finding something new and fresh may require venturing new territories.The mind gets comfortable with the thought and then there are aids like Alcohol which make the longing even more pleasurable and effortless.

फिर वही शाम वही गम वही तनहाई है

दिल को बेहलाने तेरी याद चली आयी है

its the same old evening,the same old sorrow,the same old loneliness

Your memories are here to give me company …..

Another aspect of this behavior is that the anger one feels about having lost out helps in inspiring creativity.Look at poets,artists,painters and writers.It seems that as if they will let go of their desire they will not be able to create anything new.Their inspiration is the thought that I got a raw deal and therefore the anger and the pain.

Ultimately the mind becomes so selfish and addicted to pain that it starts to get a kind of sadistic pleasure in indulging itself in misery.Once it knows that from this dark abyss stems its ability to cull out gems of art  there is no turning back.It starts feeding on pain.It looks forward to the lonely evening when it will be alone and by itself.

In the company of  its best friends pain,anger,misery,loneliness it revels and dances in a kind of satanic abandon.And in this gathering there is place for no one else ..not even the one for which this festival has been conjured.

रंज से खूंगर हुआ इंसां तो मिट जाता है रंज

मुश्किलें हम पर पडी इतनी के आसां हो गयीं

When you get used to pain,it vanishes

When troubles are many, they stop to trouble

What is done with Love

Nietzsche Says :

What is done with love occurs beyond good and evil.

I have found the above not only true but contextual in defining many of our relationships and assignments.

No matter how silly or out of place does your portrait look,you just love it.Why?because your 5 year old has sketched it with Love.    kid-draw

If you love to write you can keep doing it forever not bothered if anyone likes it or not.But if you are expected to make a presentation you feel like banging the laptop on someone’s head.

Good and evil are creation of our own mind.When we like something it is good when we do not it is evil – at least to the mind which forces the body to act.

There is tremendous change that we can bring to our  lives if we genuinely start loving everything and everyone around us.And if you critically examine there is no point in having a relationship in which there is no love or doing something which you do not feel like.The ultimate happiness will come when we are in an environment of our choosing doing what we love to do.We owe nothing to anyone else,but to us.

The situation may not allow you to take a hard choice but it is important to keep working on it.After all ,you have just one life to live.

On Blog search engines

I am currently recieving traffic from 2 blog search engines :

While it is encouraging to see the number of hits on my blog shoot up,I have observed that the number of comments have dwindled.It could very well be an indicator of interest that fellow bloggers have in the content I have to offer but it is also surprising that with so many views per day,its suddenly become so hard to get folks talking.Can someone answer this ?

Do whatever you will..

Do whatever you will, but first be such as are able to will.

We often hear inexperienced youngsters defining freedom as being able to do what they want.The myth is perpetuated by ads of brands pretending to be selling stuff that liberates you from the shackles of your confinement parents,college,rules,society.I have heard this interpretation of freedom so many times that it is not only cliched but appears to be outright dumb.

The first question that one must ask – freedom to do what ? To drink,smoke,have sex,speed bikes and well that’s it.It’s nothing ! It’s reducing yourself to a silly pygmy.Anyone can do these so what’s the big deal?

That’s why I like Jim Morrison so much.In one of his poems he says :

Lying on stained wretched sheets with a bleeding virgin,you can start a religion or plan a murder.

That’s being able to will and be free from limitations of your own mind.The struggle for freedom is individual and has nothing to do with do’s and dont’s prescribed by the external world.The spirit is free to explore outside the mind,body and intellect – good and bad are just definitions.