I had booked the tickets for the movie Newton for 5 PM show yesterday. Then I remembered that I had to attend a session on the cinematic craft of maverick bangla director Ritwik Ghatak by a good friend so I gave away the tickets. At the end of the session my friend put up a slide on what Ritwik Babu used to tell his students – Think, think. You must practice to think. While it looks like an ordinary statement it’s quite revolutionary in an era where the next event at the same venue was Open Mic Stand Up comedy. Some of the faces of comedians of the Bangalore circuit were common and I could recognize them from another show where they were trying just too hard to get those likes on their You Tube videos. One idiot had even gone to the extent of describing the sex between his parents to justify why such a pathetic piece of crap came into this world. He couldn’t make me laugh and I vowed to avoid any more encounters with these internet jokers.

Tapan Dada’s session was a success as out of 43 interested just 8 turned up including myself. We discussed how interested has become a like for events even though I remembered the times when I had clicked the interested button to remind myself and then kept feeling guilty when I could not attend. A reason for low turnout could be the subject itself. Now you can always tom tom your intellectual superiority by telling the world about your interest in Muktibodh and Ghatak but to sit silently for 2 hours without your mobile phone is just so non utilitarian.

Anyways, the last words were still lingering in my head when I went to sleep and I must have thought a lot in my dreams as I woke up at an untimely hour. And may be it was a pre cursor as I had booked the next show of Newton for 10 AM today.

To sum up my thoughts on this Oscar nomination from India I will quote a dialogue from the movie.

क्या आप भी इन्हीं की तरह निराशावादी हैं ?

नहीं सर…हम तो आदिवासी हैं ।

मुझे लगता है यही एक डायलाग पूरी पिक्चर का दिल है उसका सार है। जहां एक ओर आशा से भरे विज्ञापन हैं नए फैशन के, मोबाइल फ़ोन के, कारों के और तमाम उन सुविधा साधनों के जिन्हें हम बिना सोचे समझे अपने जीवन का मकसद मान लेते हैं वहीं दूसरी ओर एक तरह का acceptance है nature के साथ मिल जुल कर रहने का। In the movie silence of the lambs Anthony Hopkins quotes Marcus Aurelius and says – We covet what we see. It’s a profound statement coming from the greatest stoic the world has ever known. If you don’t see that ad of a Television with a beautiful model to add to the charms of the machine it’s quite possible that you would never desire to have it. In fact half of our troubles are because of the advertising and marketing which give a false hope and enthusiasm of Life being beautiful once you buy more stuff. To live and to really be happy one does not need more stuff but a deeper understanding of the source of joy and happiness. The sages of ancient India who wrote the Upanishads were perhaps not only more content and happy they were actually more evolved as human beings. But then didn’t I go and watch the movie about a political system taking over laws of nature in a movie theatre located in the temple of modernity – the mall. The one place where corporate zombies take their wives and their families for a “walk” as if they were some kind of dogs that need to be relieved of their weekly pressure.

I had chosen to walk instead of driving down and on my way back I was thinking about the dichotomy of my own existence. Wasn’t I a product of the same ‘sales force’ culture that I so abhor when I feel one with the existence – जल, जंगल,ज़मीन।

As the harsh rays of the scorching sun sapped my energy I thought of the air conditioned comfort of my car and recalled another dialogue from Newton – कुछ बदलने से ही कुछ बदलेगा पर बदलाव भी एक दिन में नहीं आता।

समय लगता हैं जंगल को जंगल बनने मे…


The man who sold the world

Fear and greed are two principle states of mind with which one can control the world. Ruthlessly.

Those who are not greedy are almost always afraid of loosing what they have and those who are willing to take chances can almost always be lured into a promising future.

99 % of the population is either afraid or greedy and nothing can change that. One who understands and practices this law achieves material success and presides over the affair of men in business, in politics, in relationships, in everyday life.

Pavan tanay bal pavan samana..

🕉 राम राम, सीता राम, राम राम राम 🕉

कहइ रीछपति सुनु हनुमाना। का चुप साधि रहेहु बलवाना॥
पवन तनय बल पवन समाना। बुधि बिबेक बिग्यान निधाना॥

ऋक्षराज जाम्बवन्त ने श्री हनुमानजी से कहा- हे हनुमान्‌! हे बलवान्‌! सुनो, तुमने यह क्या चुप साध रखी है? तुम पवन के पुत्र हो और बल में पवन के समान हो। तुम बुद्धि-विवेक और विज्ञान की खान हो॥

कौन सो काज कठिन जग माहीं। जो नहिं होइ तात तुम्ह पाहीं॥
राम काज लगि तव अवतारा। सुनतहिं भयउ पर्बताकारा॥

जगत्‌ में कौन सा ऐसा कठिन काम है जो हे तात! तुमसे न हो सके। श्री रामजी के कार्य के लिए ही तो तुम्हारा अवतार हुआ है। यह सुनते ही हनुमान्‌जी पर्वत के आकार के (अत्यंत विशालकाय) हो गए ॥

🕉 राम राम, सीता राम, राम राम राम 🕉

Mad mad world..

I usually avoid political posts on my blog but couldn’t resist myself from die to the sheer absurdity of it all.

The writer(a muslim himself) is basically making the case that while the poor Rohingyas seeking asylum may not be responsible individually, it is the mentality of hate and violence which has led to an insecurity among the Buddhists in Burma. They fear that if 4 % can create so much trouble what if they are in majority. We all know what happened in Kashmir and the systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindus in the Indian sub continent. Whether we say it or not Hindus in India the same fear else Modi-Yogi wouldn’t have won with such astounding majority. The question to ask is that while all other religions can co exist peacefully why only followers of Islam are fighting everywhere, even amongst themselves? Nothing will change till the sensible Muslims take control, do some soul searching and then some serious image management. Muslims have given so much to the world and most of them are exceptional people then why is it that the word ‘Muslim’ itself has become a curse and is looked down upon or with fear, anger, hatred and suspicion? But going by the abuses in the comments section by Muslims it’s not going to happen anytime soon. They have already decided which side they are on. Funny part is that some of the silly Hindu Nationalists have not even bothered to read the article and are also abusing the author 😊 It’s really become a mad mad world…


मुझे कदम-कदम पर
चौराहे मिलते हैं
बाँहे फैलाए !!
एक पैर रखता हूँ
कि सौ राहें फूटतीं,
…मैं उन सब पर से गुजरना चाहता हूँ
बहुत अच्छे लगते हैं
उनके तजुर्बे और अपने सपने…
सब सच्चे लगते हैं;
अजीब सी अकुलाहट दिल में उभरती है
मैं कुछ गहरे मे उतरना चाहता हूँ,
जाने क्या मिल जाए !!

मुझे भ्रम होता है कि प्रत्येक पत्थर में
चमकता हीरा है,
हर-एक छाती में आत्मा अधीरा है,
प्रत्येक सुस्मित में विमल सदानीरा है
मुझे भ्रम होता है कि प्रत्येक वाणी में
महाकाव्य-पीड़ा है,
पल-भर मैं सबमें से गुजरना चाहता हूँ,
प्रत्येक उर में से तिर आना चाहता हूँ,
इस तरह खुद ही को दिए-दिए फिरता हूँ,
अजीब है जिंदगी !!
बेवकूफ बनने की खतिर ही
सब तरफ अपने को लिए-लिए फिरता हूँ;
और यह देख-देख बड़ा मजा आता है
कि मैं ठगा जाता हूँ
हृदय में मेरे ही,
प्रसन्न-चित्त एक मूर्ख बैठा है
हँस-हँसकर अश्रुपूर्ण, मत्त हुआ जाता है
कि जगत्… स्वायत्त हुआ जाता है।

~ गजानन माधव ‘मुक्तिबोध’