Faiz by Abida

The serenity of Abida Parveen’s voice coupled with the legendary ‘manzar of Faiz”  about a meeting of lovers creates pure bliss. To be in love and write poetry is something but to feel like falling in love after listening to such beautiful lines is another…

गुल हुई जाती है अफ़सुर्दा सुलगती हुई शाम
धुल के निकलेगी अभी चश्म-ए-माहताब से रात
और मुश्ताक निगाहों की सुनी जाएगी
और उन हाथों से मस होंगे ये तरसे हुए हाथ

The sad evening is going away as the sun fades
But it will soon come out bathed in the moonlit night
Once more my eager eyes will be heard and
these longing fingers will entwine with her fingers again

उन का आंचल है कि रुखसार कि पैराहन है
कुछ तो है कि जिससे हुई जाती है चिलमन रंगीन
जाने उस ज़ुल्फ़ कि मौहूम घनी छावं में
टिमिटमाता है वो आवेज़ा अभी तक के नही

Is it a part of her dress, her flushed cheek, or the way she looks
There’s something which has turned the curtain colorful
I wonder, if in the shade of  her long hair,
does the moon still twinkle, suspended and yearning forever ?

आज  फिर  हुस्न-ए-दिलारा की वो ही धज होगी
वो ही ख्वाबीदा सी आंखें वो ही काज़ल की लकीर
रंग-ए-रुखसार पे हल्का सा वो गाज़े का गुबार
सन्द्ली हाथों पे धुंधली सी हिना  की तहरीर

Tonight , her beauty will be as resplendent as ever
Those dreamy eyes, and those black eyelashes
The color of her cheeks will be flushed with the pink of rouge and
Her sandalwood like hands would have faded Heena lines on them

अपने अफ्कार के अशआर कि दुनिया है यही
जान-ए-मज़मून है ये शाहिद -ए-माना है यही
अपना मौज़ू-ए-सुखन इन  के सिवा और नही
तब्बा शायर का वतन इन कॆ सिवा और नही

This is the world of my couplets, my thoughts
This is the essence of my writing, the fate of this poet
There is no other subject of my Poetry ,
There is no other home to my being but this

ये खूं की महक है के लबे यार की खुशबू

किस राह की जानिब से सबा आती है देखो
गुलशन मे बहार आई  के ज़िन्दा  हुआ आबाद
किस  संग से नगमों की सदा आती है देखो

Is this blood, or the sweet fragrance of her lips

We must look from where this breeze is coming in
As if the spring has arrived, the captives have been set free
Go and see  how come the  stones are singing songs of serenade  ??

~ Interpretative Translation by aahang

ज़ब से तूनें मुझे दीवाना बना रखा है

संग(stone)हर शख्स ने हांथों में उठा रखा है

ज़ब से तूनें मुझे दीवाना बना रखा है

पत्थ्ररों आज मेरे सर पे बरसते क्यों हो

मैनें तुम को भी कभी अपना खुदा रखा है

पी जा अय्याम की तल्खी(bitterness of life) को भी हंस कर नासिर

गम को सेहनें में भी कुदरत ने मज़ा रखा है

Abida sings Jigar – rare video

In this rare compilation of an old recording the genius of Abida and Jigar comes alive.Jiagr had this unique way with words and rythm that he could express the most complex ideas in a very simple manner.A real treat for even those who do not understand urdu well!

आदमी आदमी से मिलता मिलता है

दिल मगर कम किसी से मिलता है

भूल जाता हूँ मैं सितम उसके

वो इस सादगी से मिलता है

आज क्या बात है के फूलों का

रंग तेरी हँसी से मिलता है

मिल के भी जो नहीं मिलत्ता

टूट कर दिल उसी से मिलता है

~ जिगर मुरादाबादी


At the splendor…….I stared

Jalwa baqadr-e-zarf-e-nazar dekhte rahe         humayun-tomb
Kya dekhte hum unko magar dekhte rahe

At the splendor, with an appreciative eye, I gazed
What else could I see- but at her, I gazed.

Apna hi aks pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe
Aaina ru-ba-ru tha jidhar dekhte rahe

At my own reflection, standing before myself, I gazed
It was me in the mirror everywhere, wherever I gazed

Unki hareem-e-naaz kahaan aur hum kahaan
Naqsh-o-nigaar-e-parda-e-dar dekhte rahe

Before the  sanctuary of  her grace, I stood nowhere
At the imprints ,at the veil, at the door, I gazed

Aisi bhi kuch firaaq ki raatein guzar gayin
Jaise unhi ko pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe

Some nights of separation have gone by as if
It were her, in front of my eyes,  I gazed.

Har lehza shaan-e-husn badalti rahi Jigar
Har aan hum jahaan-e-digar dekhte rahe

With every glance, the grandeur of beauty changed, O Jigar
At every glory of this transforming world, I gazed.

Be the glass or become the chalice..

Ji chahe to sheesha ban ja, ji chahe paimana ban ja
Sheesha paimana kya banna, mai ban ja maikhana ban ja

Be the glass or become the chalice

Why only the glass or chalice ? become the wine,the tavern

Mai ban kar, maikhana bankar masti ka afsana ban ja
Masti ka afsana bankar hasti se begaana ban ja

By becoming the wine,the tavern become the symbol of joy

A symbol of joy now, be indifferent to your existence

Hasti se begaana hona masti ka afsaana banna
Iss hone se is banne se achha hai dewaana ban ja

Being indifferent to existence,a symbol of joy

Be this be that,Isn’t it better that you just loose your senses

Dewaana ban jane se dewaana hona achha hai
Deewana hone se achha khak-e-dar-e-janana ban ja

It’s even better to be mad than to loose your senses

To be mad or to become the dust of the the beloved’s doorstep

Khak-e-dar-e-janana kya hai ahle dil ki aankh ka surma
Shama ke dil ki thandak ban ja noor-e-dil-e-parwana ban ja

Seekh ‘Zaheen’ ke dil se jalna kahe ko har shamma par jalna
Apni aag mein khud jal jaye tu aisa parwana ban ja

~ Hazrat Zaheen Shah Taaji