Blog as if it will never be seen

I was reading the book ‘Predictably irrational’ when it suddenly hit me.Why the hell do I bother about blog stats.To care about comments is fine but to think too much of cold numbers which may or may not have face to them is madness.

Let us have a peek into my irrational behaviour.Since morning I look at the blog stats twice and by afternoon I am worried that no one has even looked at my blog today.When I click the refresh button as if out of nowhere a number of views appear.This is the point when my blog was on Alphainventions reading cycle.Now out of these views there could be chinese,peruvian,saudi and russin bloggers who have no choice but to look at my blog since it is on thier computer screens.As some of the posts are in English they may even try jumping from one post to another to find something of interest but will certainly leave the blog,never to come back again.

Have you ever counted how many people you met in the market ?How many people looked at you while you were shopping?How many joggers passed by you while jogging in the park ?Or who else came to watch the movie  ?

It is irrational therefore to keep submitting your blog and Alpha inventions or Condron in the hope of getting more readership to increase page views.But we are predictable bloggers and will continue to do it again and again.One day we may get a 1000 page views and the other day we may get just 50.

That’s the way we are programed or wired I should say – to measure everything.Even our performance on blogs which are meant to take us away ‘from these things.If your blog not have adequate number of hits or commenst you start getting a feeling of being wasted and a secret voice says don’t do this.This explains the thousands of blogs with just a couple of posts.

You will find 100’s of posts and commenst about ‘How to increase blog traffic’  and how to use technology make your blog better and more attractive but very few which will give you tips on how to post exceptional or unique content .I even came across a personal blog that wanted to make money through adsense the very first month of coming into existance.It may have been an experiment but I found it quite interesting.

For now I have a promised to myself that I will not look at my blog stats for the next 1 month.

But promises are meant to be broken.Are’nt they 🙂

Final take on Alpha inventions, and WordPress

Both search engines entice you to mention them in your blog so you can get more traffic.

I did just that and found that my blog got more than 5 thousand views last two days but no comments.Most views were from Alpha Inventions.I am sure my fellow bloggers have something to say about a subject that relates to them as well.If it were 6000 humans looking at their computer screens seeing my blog atleast one would have commented.If not on this post but may be on another one.I am just talking probability and psychology here.

I asked myself a question.What am I looking for – just a number on the Blog stats counter or people actually seeing my blog,reading the contents and commenting on posts that interest them.

I am also looking forward to build a community of sorts where I can post and immediately get comments on my thoughts and writing skills from people who know me and whom I know albeit from the internet.As a beginner its important for me to get an honest feedback which will help me to improve in all humility.The more critical the better.

Everyday I get 15-20 views from wordpress though thier tags.I find these most useful as I know what people are looking for and how my blog is helping them get what they want.I also go back and see the featured blogs through a backtrack link and find a lot of blogs that interest me.If I like something I post comments else just read and enjoy.

Final take :

Alpha Inventions – Increase blog views and stats.Contribute to Alpha creations rating going up.Mutually beneficial in a more practical way.Don’t expect any comments or serious blogging as most blogs keep reappearing or have nothing that interest you.May be you get Lucky sometimes.

Also,the tips offered when you register in the reading cycle are quite useful. – Good for random browsing on topics that interest you.Search is a useful tool that helps you connect to the right blogs.Quality of search is much better and therefore improves chances of viewing more relevant blogs and also finding bloggers with similar interest.You will not get lots of views but a steady stream of inetrested folks.You can expect some comments..

WordPress/tags – By far the best way to build a blogosphere of your own.Slow but effective.As you are tracking back the tags there is no question of finding stuff that is not relevant.The same link was used to find you so it cannot misfire and you will find almost all blogs relevant.You can pick and choose the good ones.If you leave a comment ,you can most certainly expect a visit and  a comment as the person you are trying to connect with has a common interest because of which you found them.You can keep adding folks to your blogroll and inform them about it.Slowly you will have a lot of good stuff on your blogroll plus may be some bonus in your book marks section.And if you are good enough you may be on 20 other blogrolls once again getting traffic which is not just a number but bloggers with same interests as you.

So take your pick and keep punching.

To each his own is the mantra !