Sach ka Saamna( face the truth)

The program being aired on star plus has stirred up a controversy to a degree and level never witnessed before for any other.There has been a question in parliament on whether we can allow TV channels to telecast such sensitive content on prime time ?

To me its the biggest joke and a mockery of the Indian State which has 180px-Emblem_of_India.svg‘Satyamev Jayate’ ( Truth alone triumphs) inscribed at the base of the national emblem.All educated Indians have also read ” My experiments with truth” authored by our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and have got inspired from his life and teaching to practice Satya and Ahimsa in their thought,speech and action.

The subjects covered by the Mahatma in his experiments are far more sensitive and provocative than what is being asked in the program.Truth is like that …….even when you sit and meditate for the few days the most dreadful thoughts come to your mind.All your demons haunt you but you have to fight them and come out unscathed ,peaceful and radiant like a Buddha.

The third fallacy I can see is a strong contrast in the position many of our politicians are taking from the law of the land.The oath in our courts reads something like this ” I keep my hand on the Geeta/Quran and vow to speak the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

If we go with the politicians they will change the oath to ” My lord I  vow to speak half truth,distorted truth and nothing but a truth that is convenient for all of us present in the court today”

While the public feels what’s wrong with someone admitting to his mistakes and telling the truth except that it needs tremendous courage to do that,the politicians are getting worried that if people who started believing ” Cheats flourish in India” will suddenly change stance what will happen to the meticulous conditioning over the years.I do not see any other reason for a parliamentarian to be bothered about some TV program or may be it is a ‘Question for Money‘ scheme funded by the Producer to jack TRP’s.

It can even be a case of ‘use and disuse of organs’ as proposed by Darwin.Our politicians have an unused faculty of facing and telling the truth so they feel completely alienated from the concept.What the hell is this ?? they must be thinking – never been there ,never done that.

Personally, it takes a lot of courage to face the truth and I know it every time I struggle with mine.So a salute to all those bravehearts who are inspiring us every week to stand up and say ” This is me”.