बैठे रहें तसव्वुर-ए-जानाँ किये हुए…..

मुद्दत हुई है यार को महमाँ किये हुए
जोश-ए-क़दह से बज़्म चराग़ाँ किये हुए

Its been long since I hosted my love

When the warmth of wine had lit the candles

करता हूँ जमा फिर जिगर-ए-लख़्त-लख़्त को

अर्सा हुआ है दावत-ए-मिज़्श्गाँ किये हुए

I gather pieces of my body once more

Its been an age since those eyes had killed me

फिर वज़ा-ए-एहतियात से रुकने लगा है दम
बरसों हुए हैं चाक गिरेबाँ किये हुए

The decorum of restraint is suffocating

I wish I could tear my clothes in agony like before

फिर पुर्सिश-ए-जराहत-ए-दिल को चला है इश्क़

सामाँ-ए-सदहज़ार नमकदाँ किये हुए

Love comes to inquire on the well being of the heart

But carries with it a handful of salt to sprinkle on the wounds

दिल फिर तवाफ़-ए-कू-ए-मलामत को जाये है

पिंदार का सनमकदा वीराँ किये हुए

The heart wants to visit the abode of my beloved

leaving vacant  the house of pride I had built

फिर शौक़ कर रहा है ख़रीदार की तलब
अर्ज़-ए-मता-ए-अक़्ल-ओ-दिल-ओ-जाँ किये हुए

My desire demands a purchaser once again

For my intellect my  mind and my spirit

फिर चाहता हूँ नामा-ए-दिलदार खोलना

जाँ नज़र-ए-दिलफ़रेबी-ए-उन्वाँ किये हुए

I yearn to open the letter from my love

agreeing to sacrifice my heart on the seduction of what’s said

माँगे है फिर किसी को लब-ए-बाम पर हवस
ज़ुल्फ़-ए-सियाह रुख़ पे परेशाँ किये हुए

My passion longs to see upon my door

That face with dark dishevelled hair

इक नौबहार-ए-नाज़ को ताके है फिर निगाह

चेहर फ़ुरोग़-ए-मै से गुलिस्ताँ किये हुए

My eyes look eagerly at the beauty of youth in first blossom

a face flushed with the redness of wine, with all the colors of a garden

फिर जी में है कि दर पे किसी के पड़े रहें
सर ज़ेर बार-ए-मिन्नत-ए-दर्बाँ किये हुए

Again I wish to lie on the my lover’s doorstep

my head crushed by pleading to the guards

जी ढूँढता है फिर वही फ़ुर्सत के रात दिन
बैठे रहें तसव्वुर-ए-जानाँ किये हुए

my mind seeks those lazy times again

when I could sit for long, thinking about my beloved

“ग़ालिब” हमें न छेड़ कि फिर जोश-ए-अश्क से
बैठे हैं हम तहय्या-ए-तूफ़ाँ किये हुए

Ghalib, Do not bother me, for with a storm of tears in my eyes

I am sitting here , with a mind made up, to unleash a hurricane at will

~ interpretative translation by aahang

फिर कुछ दिल को बेक़रारी है – A restless heart

फिर कुछ इस दिल को बेक़रारी है

सीना जोया – ए – ज़्ख्मे- कारी है

my heart is becoming restless again

my nails have started looking out for my chest once more

फिर उसी बेवफा पे मरते हैं

फिर वही ज़िन्दगी हमारी है

I am willing to die for her once more

carrying on with the same life  again

बेखुदी बेसबब नहीं गालिब

कुछ तो है जिसकी पर्दादारी है

this lost feeling does not make sense anymore

there has to be something that’s hidden from us O’ Ghalib

The last couplet is the one with the deepest and most profound meaning.At some point in life the mystery of life and death does not make much sense anymore.One begins to question why am I here ? what’s the purpose of my life ?Is there a purpose at all ? If this is how it feels to be alive then how does it feel to be dead ? Is there a difference in two states or they are just mind play ? The questions haunt you but there are no answers.You feel deluded,lost and confused.

That’s when you begin to wonder what is it that my thoughts hide from me.Who or what does not reveal itself fully and completely ?Its here now and its gone another moment.You can feel it but then you don’t.The questions bother you so much that you want to scratch and bleed your heart out.

But you are helpless,nothing happens.

Even the 2nd couplet is a mockery of human beings.They believe in God as there is nothing else to explain there existence.Loss of God means losing your bearings.Which way are you headed,is there a way ? Like a compass pointing towards the light from a lighthouse your soul keeps moving pointedly towards the source not essentially sure if it is something real or its going to deceive you again like a mirage in the desert.

There is no rest or refuge so you do what needs to be done , passing life one day as it comes.

The greatest poet of all times

Mirza Asadullah Khan ‘Ghalib”  was the greatest poet of all times.I have attempted translations of several poets but his poetry has so much depth and meaning that you don’t even feel like reading anything else once you are high on this intoxication.

The link below from Gulzar’s serial Mirza Ghalib establishes a few facts about him :

1.He always had a love hate relationship with God and most of his Shaayari is addressed to Allah.

2.He loved his wife very dearly all of 60 years that they were married.More than man and wife they were friends.She was also the first critic for most of his work.

3.The young Asad had all the makings of a genius a creative mind, a sharp intellect and education and skills picked up from masters of their craft.


ये मसाइले तस्सवुफ ये तेरा बयान गालिब

तुझे हम वली समझते जो न बादाखार होता

These matters of spirituality,and your poetry O Ghalib

We would have thought of you as a sage,had you not been a drunkard.

लाज़िम था कि देखो मेरा रस्ता कोई दिन और

This Ghazal is an elegy written by Ghalib on the death of his son.The opening lines are addressed to the deceased admonishing him as to why he went away without his father as one usually does with children.As a punishment  he will have to wait for his father till he is joined by him at a later date.Someone who has felt the pain will only know what this conversation is all about.

लाज़िम था कि देखो मेरा रस्ता कोई दिन और
तन्हा गये क्यों अब रहो तन्हा कोई दिन और

It is imperative that you wait for me now

You went without me,now wait alone till another day.

मिट जायेगा सर, गर तेरा पथ्थर न घिसेगा
हूँ दर पे तेरे नासियाफ़र्सा कोई दिन और

My forehead will perish but the name on your tombstone won’t

Yet I will keep trying and prostrating myself till another day.

आये हो कल और आज ही कहते हो कि जाऊँ
माना कि हमेशा नहीं ,अच्चा कोई दिन और

You just came in yesterday and you already wish to leave

I understand that you cannot stay forever but you can go some other day

जाते हुए कहते हो क़यामत को मिलेंगे
क्या ख़ूब! क़यामत का है गोया कोई दिन और

Parting, you promise that we shall meet on the judgement day

Marvellous ! as if the day of Judgement for me is some other day.

हाँ अए फ़लक-ए-पीर, जवाँ था अभी आरिफ़
क्या तेरा बिगड़ता जो न मरता कोई दिन और

Oh yes,you sage of the skies !Arif was still young

What would you have lost,if he did not die untill some other day

तुम माह-ए-शब-ए-चरदुहुम थे मेरे घर के
फिर क्यों न रहा घर का वो नक़्शा कोई दिन और

You were the full moon of my home

but why could’nt the decor be…..untill some other day

तुम कौन से ऐसे थे खरे दाद-ओ-सितद के
करता मलक~उल~मौत तक़ाज़ा कोई दिन और

From when did you become so prompt in paying your dues ?

You could have let the angel of death remind you some other day

मुझसे तुम्हें नफ़्ररत सही, नय्यर से लड़ाई
बछों का भी देखा न तमाशा कोई दिन और

It’s Ok that you were angry with me and fought with your freind (Nayyar)

You could have enjoyed the games of children untill some other day.

गुज़री न बहरहाल या मुद्दत ख़ुशी-ना~ख़ुश
करना था जवाँमर्ग! गुज़ारा कोई दिन और

In happiness or in sadness,the time has passed nonetheless

You could have endured it too,untill some other day.

नादाँ हो जो कहते हो कि क्यों जीते हो ‘ग़ालिब’
क़िस्मत में है मरने की तमन्ना कोई दिन और

Ignorance prompts people to ask me”why do you still live O Ghalib?”

My fate itself is that I should yearn for death some other day.

The lines just spell out the genius of Ghalib in not only enduring extreme pain and tragedy but also in putting it across in his own inimitable style which accepts and challenges his destiny at the same time.Even his mourning is not devoid of the resillience which is so distinctive of his life and his poetry.

Kehne ko to duniya mein hain sukhanvar bahut achche,

Kehte hain ki Ghalib ka hai Andaaz ~e ~ bayaan aur.

देखना इन बस्तियों को तुम कि वीराँ हो गईं

सब कहाँ कुछ लाला-ओ-गुल में नुमायाँ हो गईं
ख़ाक में क्या सूरतें होंगी कि पिन्हाँ हो गईं

लाला-ओ-गुल – Rose Flower,नुमायाँ – Show up,पिन्हाँ – Concealed

नींद उसकी है, दिमाग़ उसका है, रातें उसकी हैं
तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ें जिसके बाज़ू पर परिशाँ हो गईं

परिशाँ – spread out

मैं चमन में क्या गया, गोया दबिस्ताँ खुल गया
बुल-बुलें सुन कर मेरे नाले, ग़ज़लख़्वाँ हो गईं

दबिस्ताँ – School,ग़ज़लख़्वाँ – Poets,नाले – sad songs

वाँ गया भी मैं तो उनकी गालियों का क्या जवाब
याद थी जितनी दुआयें, सर्फ़-ए-दर्बाँ हो गईं

सर्फ़-ए-दर्बाँ – Handed over to the Doorman

हम मुवहिहद हैं, हमारा केश है तर्क-ए-रूसूम
मिल्लतें जब मिट गैइं, अज्ज़ा-ए-ईमाँ हो गईं

मुवहिहद – Believer in One God,केश है तर्क-ए-रूसूम – Religion is Breaking rules

मिल्लतें – sects,अज्ज़ा-ए-ईमाँ – the true religion

रंज से ख़ूगर हुआ इन्साँ तो मिट जाता है रंज
मुश्किलें मुझ पर पड़ि इतनी के आसाँ हो गईं

रंज से ख़ूगर – Used to sorrow

यूँ ही गर रोता रहा “ग़ालिब”, तो अए अह्ल-ए-जहाँ
देखना इन बस्तियों को तुम कि वीराँ हो गईं

अए अह्ल-ए-जहाँ – Dear People of the world

Videos are available on You tube from the TV serial Mirza Ghalib