Indian E Commerce – Is the party over ?

I wrote a post on Linked in March 2016 which went viral and was trending as top posts from India on the Linked in Pulse platform on 15th March 2016. Here is the link :

Later it was published by other websites :

Business Today carried the same cover story ( with exactly the same title ) the very next month in April 2016. It could very well be a coincidence but then it would be a very wonderful coincidence 🙂

हिंदी में बोलें तो बहुत हसीन इत्तेफ़ाक है ये !

India meets Bharat

This picture was taken  at one of the Choupal Saagar rural retail malls operated by an Indian corporate.


What’s curious about the scene is the manner in which the villager is looking on, unsure of himself as Shakira grooves on “Hips don’t lie”.While we have imbibed obscenity as Salsa in our urban lives the rural folks are still in two minds.

To me the picture is symbolic of the crossroads at which Indian morality stands today.

To be or not to be is finally the big question …..

Beating drunk women in public..

There is safety in numbers so it is always good to be on the side of larger disc1public opinion but what gets compromised in rhetoric on both sides are the facts of the case.There is no questioning that it is unlawful to beat women up in public but it is also true whether we should allow our youngsters to have Alcohal freely that too in the day time in the name of a free society and “pub culture’.What starts as an isolated incident becomes a problem for the society if not checked.I have myself seen scores of teenagers on the streets of European cities wasting away under the haze of cocaine.Have you ever wondered why is drug abuse such a big problem in the west and not as much in India.Face the reality – would you allow your sons and daughters to mix freely in an inebriated state with a confused mind and crazy hormones enticing them to give in to a natural instinct.As in most questions there are no black and white answers but we need to keep looking for them.

The point here is that women should not have been singled out and there could have been more civic ways to drive home the point that it is shameful to be drunk on afternoon when you can indulge in more  constructive pursuits.Obviously politics is not interested in solving a problem but creating it so there could be an agenda for the election.

It is difficult to wish away a culture which has conditioned us for the past 5000 years.Manu,the originator of  Hindu religion observes :

Her Father guides her in childhood,

Her husband in her youth,

and her sons in her old age,

A women is not fit for independance.

Contextual as it may be(Tulsidas had an stressfull marriage) this verse in ramayana also reflects the psyche of Indian mindscape :

Dhol Ganwaar shudra Pashu naari,

Sakal taadna ke Adhikari.

(translates drums,idiots,untouchables  and women need a  beating to set them straight)

and yet another one declares :

Triya Charitram Purushasya Bhagya,Devo na jaanati Kuto Manushya ?

( translates a woman’s character and a man’s destiny even gods do not know so how can a human being?)

While these are not my personal beliefs what I am trying to drive is that all major religions have talked about women in derogatory terms for ages and it will take time for millions of masses to see the dim light of the disc that the young generation can see so conveniently.

For those of you who wish to challenge me I will suggest you to narrate the entire incident in totality to any of the elders in your family and get their views.After all they also vote in a free democracy.Don’t they ?

Get real .It is a clear attempt to polarize vote bank in the lection season.They came on the camera,beat up people doing immoral things(as per them),debated on national television and finally became heroes to some by getting themselves arrested.On the other hand those who were victimised hid their faces and the one girl who turned up also kept saying that “we will go to the Pub,We will go to the Pub – No matter “As if she was going to fight on the border for the country.You see how cleverly the game was played.They should have come out in the open, made their point and taken action against those who used violence.There are ways to humiliate the tormentor.A very good effort has since been made.Pls visit Lucknowi says :

Tere mathe pe yeh Aanchal bahut he khoob hai lekin

Tu is aanchal ko Parcham(flag of war) bana leti to achcha tha

Tu is nashtar(sword) ki tezi aazma leti to achcha tha.

The same hindu religion believes in Shakti to be the originator of all the cosmic energy and even Bramha,Vishnu, Mahesh respect her power.

सर फ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है

सर फ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है
देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ू-ए-क़ातिल में है।

करता नहीं क्यूं दूसरा कुछ बात चीत
देखता हूं मैं जिसे वो चुप तिरी मेहफ़िल में है।

ऐ शहीदे-मुल्को-मिल्लत मैं तेरे ऊपर निसार
अब तेरी हिम्मत का चर्चा ग़ैर की महफ़िल में है।

वक़्त आने दे बता देंगे तुझे ऐ आसमाँ
हम अभी से क्या बताएं क्या हमारे दिल में है।

खींच कर लाई है सब को क़त्ल होने की उम्मीद
आशिक़ों का आज झमघट कूचा-ए-क़ातिल में है।

है लिए हथियार दुश्मन ताक़ में बैठा उधर
और हम तैयार हैं सीना लिए अपना इधर
खून से खेलेंगे होली गर वतन मुश्किल में है।

हाथ जिन में हो जुनून कटते नहीं तलवार से
सर जो उठ जाते हैं वो झुकते नहीं ललकार से
और भड़केगा जो शोला सा हमारे दिल में है।

हम तो घर से निकले ही थे बांध कर सर पे क़फ़न
जान हथेली पर लिए लो बढ चले हैं ये क़दम
ज़िंदगी तो अपनी मेहमाँ मौत की महफ़िल में है।

दिल में तूफ़ानों की टोली और नसों में इंक़िलाब
होश दुशमन के उड़ा देंगे हमें रोको ना आज
दूर रह पाए जो हम से दम कहां मंज़िल में है।