नन्ही मुन्नी सी पुजारन

इक नन्ही मुन्नी सी पुजारन, पतली बाहें, पतली गर्दन।  ananya

भोर भये मन्दिर आयी है, आई नहीं है माँ लायी है।

वक्त से पहले जाग उठी है, नींद अभी आँखों में भरी है।

ठोडी तक लट आयी हुई है, यूँही सी लहराई हुई है।

आँखों में तारों की चमक है, मुखडे पे चाँदी की झलक है।

कैसी सुन्दर है क्या कहिए, नन्ही सी एक सीता कहिए।

धूप चढे तारा चमका है, पत्थर पर एक फूल खिला है।

चाँद का टुकडा, फूल की डाली, कमसिन सीधी भोली-भाली।

कान में चाँदी की बाली है, हाथ में पीतल की थाली है।

दिल में लेकिन ध्यान नहीं है, पूजा का कुछ ज्ञान नहीं है।

कैसी भोली और सीधी है, मन्दिर की छत देख रही है।

माँ बढकर चुटकी लेती है, चुपके -चुपके हँस देती है।

हँसना रोना उसका मजहब, उसको पूजा से क्या मतलब।

खुद तो आई है मन्दिर में, मन  उसका है गुडिया घर में।

New year resolution

The fishes came to our home.Three orange ones and one white.And the whole house was an abode of excitement.It was as if a new born baby has come home from the hospital and no one knows exactly what to do but everyone wants to do something  good.Ananya and Anant became the new parents of these little creatures.They were confronted with the same Questions as we were when we got our little ones.Will they sleep the whole night?What if they wake up and find no one is around?Should we keep a light on so they know we are there?What about food – should we give them what the aquarium fellow gave us but for how long.We have to start Home food some day.

The parralels were just too many for me to not get amused.The kids got into a rapture everytime the fishes ‘came up’ to eat their food.Look how she is eating,She has opened her eyes now,Why is he staring at me – may be she wants me to leave.And Ananya could even see one of them whom she named “tinny” smiling at her.What an angel my cute little girl is.She is always smiling herself and now even the fishes are smiling at her.The world most definitely is a mirror image of ourselves.

The best part was when we teased them about making a fish tikka of them and eating them one by one.We will say “Wow the orange one has got fat and all” she will taste so good with my drink “yummy” and you should see the horror on their faces.

“No Papa No Papa pls don’t do that.If you do that I will never speak to you again.” came the unanimous echo from the tiny saviours of Tinny.They would not even realize that I am a total vegetarian and I can never do what I was threatening to.Not to say that to make a Fish Tikka out of a 2 inch fish would not fill my giant belly anways.But their love for the fishes would not let them see reason and the slightest hint of danger makes them nervous.Its ditto with me.

But the fishes will die.I don’t know how they will react.From what I have gathered till now the kids can move on and deal with situatons much better than us.I am sure they will sulk for a day or two till they get their Happy meal at the Mc Donalds and then it will be a new day,something new to explore,somewhere else to go and play with life with the same wonder as if this is the best that ever happened to them.

Kipling said”Child is the father of Man” and he was damn right.What I have learnt from my children is that “life is transient in its very nature and by holding on to something for too long we loose the opportunity to be with something else which may bring more wonder and happiness than we ever imagined.It is about a continous voyage of discovery of all things bright and beautiful and all creatures great and small”.That is the way it is meant to be and so that is the way it will be for me.

This new year I promise myself that I will read more books,will listen to more music,will visit more places,will go for longer drives into the oblivion,will gaze at more stars,will flow with more rivers,will make freinds with more strangers,will write more stories,will talk to more plants and certainly will play with more children.

Thank you for showing me the way,my sweet Little Fishes.