In love with Life..

Fall in love with LIFE– with Life, not with things and beings in your life. Be in love with living! Don’t be satisfied with a superficial life of mere sense pleasures. Search for treasures hidden beneath the world of thought. Build for yourself a Temple of Peace which no man can take, no power can destroy. With a life in harmony, find your joy in yourself exactly where you are now.


न कुछ फ़ना की ख़बर है न है बक़ा मालूम

बस एक बे-ख़बरी है सो वो भी क्या मालूम 

I don’t know about death or immortality,

I am in a delusion, that too I’m not really sure 

~ असग़र गोंडवी

The Physics of life..

ज़िन्दगी क्या है अनासीर में ज़हूर ए तरतीब,
मौत क्या है इन्हीं अज्ज़ा का परेशां होना..

~ चकबस्त 

What’s life just elements organized in a pattern,

And what’s death the disintegration of these..

Picture – The Tao of Physics