We often take our parents for granted and forget that even they are individuals with hopes,dreams and aspirations.As children we feel that it is our right to demand and as parents it is their right to provide.And in their struggle to become good parents they almost sacrifice their individuality.Even children tend to miss out that apart from being Mommy and Daddy these guys exist at another level too and never bother to know their folks as people.Personally I came to know so many things about my fathers life when I edited his Memoir ‘God is Kind’ and it was as if after so many years I got to know the real person.I never thought of him as an individual but only as ‘Papa’ ….

Below poem by Nida Faazli beautifully captures this aspect.

बेसन की सोंधी रोटी पर खट्टी चटनी जैसी माँ ,

याद आती है चौका-बासन, चिमटा फुँकनी जैसी माँ ।                   parent

बाँस की खुर्री खाट के ऊपर हर आहट पर कान धरे ,

आधी सोई आधी जागी थकी दुपहरी जैसी माँ ।

चिड़ियों के चहकार में गूँजे राधा-मोहन अली-अली ,

मुर्गे की आवाज़ से खुलती, घर की कुंड़ी जैसी माँ ।

बीवी, बेटी, बहन, पड़ोसन थोड़ी-थोड़ी सी सब में ,

दिन भर इक रस्सी के ऊपर चलती नटनी जैसी मां ।

बाँट के अपना चेहरा, माथा, आँखें जाने कहाँ गई ,

फटे पुराने इक अलबम में चंचल लड़की जैसी माँ ।

~ निदा फाज़ली

Mom and Me

I can still feel  your hands on my forehead

When I am not feeling too well

And smell the hot tiffin                                               Me and Mom

when hunger calls

I want to run to you

When I get praised

and crave for your lap

when sleep eludes me in that scary moment

I want you to catch my ears

so I know I am making a mistake

And to  tell the world

to stop bullying me for not being up to it

You have always  been there for me

I am seldom there for you

I know I can look after you

only if  I stop looking up to you

Its time for me to stop

begging you to take care of me

I can’t.Its an old habit..

I never grew up

always needed you

for every little thing

You can’t stop crying

every time I take a cab to the airport

And I never ever want to think of  life

with you not in it ……..