Getting the right perspective

Yesterday My wife showed me a message from one of her “club” Freinds who happens to be the wife of a Colonel in the Indian Army.It read something like “while the country gave Rs 3 Cr to Abhinav Bindra it gave only 5 Lakhs to the soldiers who died during the Mumbai terror attacks”.

Coming from a Colonel’s wife it was Shocking !!It belittled the sacrifice of the men who had laid down their lives for others.To compare the remuneration and reward of a sporting event to life laid down in the line of duty is trivialising things beyond compare.It is this attitude towards what we are supposed to do and what we earn our livlihoods from that has led to the current state of affairs in our country.We must know that we are remunerated for what we contribute to the society and the value is determined by the fact that what you are doing what no one else could have done for a lesser amount.It applies to Abhinav Bindra,Indian Cricket team,Films Stars,Corporate Executives,Security personnel,Business men and even Maids who clean and cook.It is a simple law of ‘ Demand and Supply’.

I have the deepest regard for those who fight for the country and I believe that they do so because of a higher ideal in life not for the sake of just the money.It may be a myth but at least I would like to continue thinking that way.Else I will be forced to take an account of the productivity of the armed forces during peace time.