Speed of the team….

A couple of days ago I read this wonderful quote in the Newspaper by Lee Iacocca – Speed of the boss is the speed of the team.

At the first instance it didn’t seem like much but as I pondered over it contrasting Mr. Lee’s wisdom with my own experiences over the last 17 years of corporate existence, I  discovered how deep and true was the meaning. Let us look at the word speed which comes twice in the sentence. Now speed could be either slow or fast which is obvious but at one level it also means alignment of goals and objectives along with the timelines  set for their achievement. I have seen many times that the goals set by the Bosses for Themselves are not communicated to the team and even if they are it is not necessary that the team believes in the value that they will bring to the individual or the organisation. An individual will always link the growth of the organisation to their own growth and if they cannot see this critical connect the ‘speed’ does not match, in direction and therefore not in velocity. The team feels that they are direction less and the Boss feels that the team is too slow. Ultimately it leads to friction and low motivation levels.

A classic case in point are the Indian elections. We have The BJP all aligned and motivated and running towards their goal of making Modi the PM, the congress slogging it out somehow, fearing the eminent defeat with little chance of victory and finally the AAP which is a congregation of headless chickens running in all directions not knowing why and where to?  While the BJP and its cadres are rejoicing in the sunshine they could have well been facing the heat as their counterparts are, had it not been for their Boss. Can you imagine if Advani was named the PM candidate ? Would BJP still be having the same drive jumping all over the rivals pumped up with their winning spirit ? Election results are due and we will have to wait and see if Modi was able to achieve the goal but at least the campaign was charged with energy and enthusiasm.

Going a step further in our analysis we would realise that it is the belief in the ability of the leader to win not only for himself but also for the team which makes all the difference.In a highly competitive environment this becomes paramount and the team looks up to a Boss who can show the way. The teams are pitched against each other and they know that the one which has not only got a great strategy but a plan to deliver effectively will win.The decision to make Modi their PM candidate was not an easy one but they were almost forced into it as he was the only one who had the vision, the capability and the plan for execution. And yes he also had credentials.  Rahul Gandhi had none of these and Kejriwal probably had the vision but is lost as far his execution plan is concerned. His Delhi exodus also put a big question mark on his credentials.

So much for the team…but let us also look at the Boss. Not every Boss is a Modi to be able to do some 1400 3 D rallies, travel 300000 Kms, work tirelessly for 18-20 hours and still have the energy to think and walk straight. Most bosses are not born leaders or supermen but are pushed up the hierarchy riding  on age and experience. It’s  quite possible therefore that the sparks of vision and creativity allude them or what they feel as the next big wave may just be a hump in the continuum.  They may lack the same energy level 24x7x365 and even suffer break down once in a while. What about Bosses alignment with their own Bosses ? They might have a great idea but it may not fit in well with the overall strategy of the company. While Modi played favourites and got away with it, not everyone would be lucky enough not to end up with a fractured group with small power centres within.

Can members on cross purpose achieve the same goal ?The resultant drag speed will certainly get compromised for the team and for the boss too. Managing aspirations within the team is a challenge as individual ego stems from self image as well as how others perceive you. Then there are comparisons made between grades, levels, remuneration where understandably most would not be willing to understand the Bosses point of view unless backed by impartial data and unwavering trust.

So while the statement made by Mr.Iaccoca  holds true in case of a great Boss and a good team to back him, it takes different dimensions when a gap exists and there are limitations. In my personal experience there are more gaps when we look around us than there are ‘ made for each other’ stories. I am not sure if a solution exists but I feel that if we replace the word speed with ‘pace’ things would get more sensible for lesser mortals like us.  While speed is about competition and keeping up with others, pace is about doing things that you believe and enjoying the journey more than constantly being anxious about the destination. Whether the pace will be gentle or  intense can be decided by the Boss and the team but one thing is sure they will be happy with the overall results.






I am not Anna Hazare…I am just me

Although I seldom watch TV, the events of last 3 days have forced me to switch on the Box so I can witness what Anna calls the ‘2nd movement to free India”. The congress has proved to the country that they are nothing but a bunch of good for nothing morons who double up as thieves when the opportunity arrives. I have maintained this belief always campaigning for the BJP in all the elections. My simple principle is that spineless people are no good as friends or enemies.

Media today is no different than sensationalism at its best not reporting the facts but what gives them the TRP’s. So if it’s good to make Anna a hero today they will do it and if tomorrow the tide turns they will end up making him a villain as well. With all my patriotic emotions bursting at the seams I was forced to do some soul searching, the prime driver being that whether I am qualified to support a movement against corruption. The answer sadly was a NO I am not Anna Hazare. How can I say something I really don’t believe in – Have I not paid a bribe ever ? I have. For some clicking a ‘like’ button is just something that makes them look good in the eyes of others but for me I will fall from grace in my own eyes if I did something like that.

But then I thought that perhaps I was being too hard on myself. I had paid a bribe but why did I do it. Am I a victim or a abettor of the crime. Well to set the record straight I have tried my best to avoid paying up wherever and whenever the system allowed me to but then there have been times when there was nothing I could do. I have to work to make the money to pay the government its ‘hafta’ and to keep myself afloat. I am not wired to quit my job and go around circling the of government offices living in a state of poverty. And who is it that I will be proving a point – to the 3 monkeys ?? Another consideration is that with no money the question of paying or not paying a bribe will itself wither away.

I have realized that for me paying a bribe has more to do with convenience than with morality or ethics. The concerns of my conscience are far larger than currency notes.

Going into the total recall mode I remembered how I used to keep a 50 Rs note handy so I can roll it as soon as a traffic cop approached asking me to go to the Police station with him or to take my driving license away only to be retrieved after appearing in front of the magistrate. But now with Bangalore Traffic cops having Blackberrys with printers I have graciously admitted my guilt each time I am on the wrong side of law, paid 100 bucks and happily walked away with a receipt. In fact I have some 5 of them with me as a symbol of a hidden pride in an efficient system that lets the citizens as well as the authorities do their duty with efficiency and honesty. To me the BBry traffic receipts are a symbol of a ‘free and fair’ India.

Let’s try and understand the concept and how things have changed for me. In the first instance when I was paying a bribe I justified that the penalty of wasting a day at the court and paying the fine as well was not commensurate with the offence of jumping a red light when it was almost orange. The law in this case was on the wrong side itself. But with the bbry I knew my sin, the penalty was just and I could absolve me and my soul by paying up and getting a receipt as a souvenir. And  what is at the heart of this – transparency and ease of operation that drives compliance with convenience.

I have been canvassing about the wonderful experience I had with the Bangalore passport office. I paid up extra for the ‘tatkal’  but I got a receipt and my passport was delivered within the 2 working days as promised. I spent half a day at the passport office where everything was well organized and all of us understood that the delay is only because of the numbers getting serviced. That was not too bad either as it just took me 2-3 hours for the whole process sitting in a clean and comfortable air conditioned environment.

However for certain other cases I will continue to pay bribes. I cannot change the law which says that I should pay the government a property tax which is 15 % + some other taxes of the rental income even when I am already paying a 30 % income tax on my rental income itself on a house that I bought after paying all my income tax..And why the hell should I pay the property tax anyways when there are no roads or water in lieu of the registration and stamp duty already paid. The funniest thing is that we pay exorbitant amount as BWSSB charges not to get a drop of municipal water ! The guy at the property tax office wants a cut for looking the other way and I will do what’s best for me. Don’t you think that the options are pretty straight forward for a sane mind ? The system created a monster and I am just dodging it and moving on…I can fight it when there is an equal chance of winning but would not sacrifice my life for nothing.

In the book Shantaram Bhai Abdul Khader says – I don’t see how much crime is in the sin but I see how much sin is in the crime. That’s my guiding light when it comes to paying bribes. End of the day I care about myself and my family and not the Congress and its corruption brigade which garbs itself as the government.

I sincerely request all of you who read this post to keep a hand on your heart and dig deeper into your soul before wearing a Gandhian cap or a fancy T shirt. The fact is that the power we give in the hands of those who are supposed to serve  will drive us again and again to the brink of Pay up or else ………

Making (Fab)India work

I am currently reading ” Making India work” by William Bissell( MD of Fab India). I have always been a big fan of the FAB India concept and have patronised the store for a long time.In the late nineties when there were just a few stores (first one being in the GK Market) I used to take foreign buyers there and they just loved the stuff – I wondered why ? After all it was just cotton and that too kind of very plain and simple.I guess somewhere down the line I got hooked to the casual comfort and comfortable pricing.It also made me look more intelligent than I actually am.

And then whenever I visited Lucknow and went to buy stuff for my parents from the Khadi Gram Udyog outelt I found the concept very similiar to that of Fab India.Khadi Shirts,Home made Pickles,Shampoos,Kutir Neem Soap, Herbal Medicines,Home linen etc…The only big difference I found was that of customers who frequented these two places promoting Gandhian Way of life and Community based enterprises.While Fab India was thronged by the Firangis and the Elitist intellectual types the visitors at Khadi Gram Udyog were more rustic in appearance and represented people with limited means, at best the middle class.

Over a period of time Fab India has grown to be a profitable chain of stores across the country, the Khadi Gram Udyog is languishing in its semi comatose state  surviving on life support provided by the government.Well the reasons for its failure are multiple but the most prominent ones :

Lack of Focus on Bottomline

Positioning and value preposition

And Of course the midas touch of Babus who literally mess up with anything that they ever lay their hands on.They should be actually prohibited to bless children else they would stop growing.

Anyways , what pains is that while Gandhi has caught the fancy of the world in a big way as more and more have realized the non sustainable nature of the material pursuits , his ideas are still being promoted in his own country by an American who has made India his home.Even the Organic line of products at Fab India comes from a company promoted by Bharat Mitra who is an Israeli settled in Lucknow.

In a way it epitomizes how we are.Years of colonial baggage has ensured that the Indian Psyche keeps looking for affirmation from the white skin.Unless reaffirmed our faith in our own self  and our own knowledge keeps flickering. I do believe in Globalization and have tremendous respect for both gentlemen but this attitude needs to go.

Coming back to the book.The central idea is how India can grow and join the league of developed nations without putting pressure on an already bursting at the seams and fragile planet.The book argues that we must put a value to all natural resources and the communities that live in these habitats must be able to command a price for the clean air and fresh water.

While I agree that a self sustaining community might be an answer to a happier and more content world around us I found the ideas presented in the book simplistic in their approach.

For Example – If Reebok starts pricing its shoes at the product cost + distribution + profit + the cost of getting rid of the pair in an environmently friendly way it can then be called the real cost of the pair.But I understand that Reebok already prices its products at 6 times the cost of production so how come ? and then would not the same logic be applied to a Paragon chappal ? So what do our villagers with fresh water and air do ? The chappal is already beyond their reach as it is now a sustainable chappal.

There is lots of bibliography and Mr. Bissell goes on to propose a new system of Taxation ,Politics,  Govenment. To me the ideas will never go beyond the drawing board even though they are simple to understand and execute.India is much more complex a nation and what makes it even more so is the fact that for 70% someone else needs to tell them what’s good or bad for them.How else do you explain Mayawati becoming chief minister the third time.Politics and Government in India is a 2nd class game played by third class people for those who belong to the 4th class.And unless my vested interest of building a nation is same as your vested interest of providing for next 3 generations things will never change.

In all this I see a ray of hope for me – with everyone imagining their own India may be its time for me for think of my own version and publish it.As it is my poems and short stories are not going anywhere…

Let me start :

Aisa hoga sab log Ice cream khaa rahe honge …samjhe.Itte mein mercedes se bhikhari utarenge aur golden bowls mein bheekh maangne lagenge.Aur tab main ek dialogue boloonga ‘ saala nagar basa nahin kangal aagaye.Goli maar do sabko.’

Chote chote bachche apni guns nikalkar chalayenge.Usme se Gems choclate nikaleingee goliyaan nahin aur sab log khushee khushee apne ghar jaane lagenge ye gaate hue ki saare jahan se achchaa hindostaan hamaara ….

Not bad. hai na ?

Sach ka Saamna( face the truth)

The program being aired on star plus has stirred up a controversy to a degree and level never witnessed before for any other.There has been a question in parliament on whether we can allow TV channels to telecast such sensitive content on prime time ?

To me its the biggest joke and a mockery of the Indian State which has 180px-Emblem_of_India.svg‘Satyamev Jayate’ ( Truth alone triumphs) inscribed at the base of the national emblem.All educated Indians have also read ” My experiments with truth” authored by our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi and have got inspired from his life and teaching to practice Satya and Ahimsa in their thought,speech and action.

The subjects covered by the Mahatma in his experiments are far more sensitive and provocative than what is being asked in the program.Truth is like that …….even when you sit and meditate for the few days the most dreadful thoughts come to your mind.All your demons haunt you but you have to fight them and come out unscathed ,peaceful and radiant like a Buddha.

The third fallacy I can see is a strong contrast in the position many of our politicians are taking from the law of the land.The oath in our courts reads something like this ” I keep my hand on the Geeta/Quran and vow to speak the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth”

If we go with the politicians they will change the oath to ” My lord I  vow to speak half truth,distorted truth and nothing but a truth that is convenient for all of us present in the court today”

While the public feels what’s wrong with someone admitting to his mistakes and telling the truth except that it needs tremendous courage to do that,the politicians are getting worried that if people who started believing ” Cheats flourish in India” will suddenly change stance what will happen to the meticulous conditioning over the years.I do not see any other reason for a parliamentarian to be bothered about some TV program or may be it is a ‘Question for Money‘ scheme funded by the Producer to jack TRP’s.

It can even be a case of ‘use and disuse of organs’ as proposed by Darwin.Our politicians have an unused faculty of facing and telling the truth so they feel completely alienated from the concept.What the hell is this ?? they must be thinking – never been there ,never done that.

Personally, it takes a lot of courage to face the truth and I know it every time I struggle with mine.So a salute to all those bravehearts who are inspiring us every week to stand up and say ” This is me”.

No rain is good fortune

It’s monsoon time in India and being an agrarian economy after 60 years of independence all eyes are on the skies.Monsoon is delayed by two weeks.

The Television channels are blaring out forecasts and interviews by the dozens,the leaders are giving hopes,The Met department is correcting itself a thousandth time  ,The stock market is shaking,The priests are performing Yagnas,The professors are lecturing on theories of poverty,the corporates are keeping an eye on the Macro environment……….the farmer is praying for mercy,he is scared.It is business as usual.

In the morning today my 4 year old son was singing a rhyme :

Rain Rain Go away

Come Back another day

Little Johny wants to play

Like a lightening it flashed my mind,I thought about all the Little Johny’s in this big country of mine who want to play if it does not rain.I realized that they would be  chanting the same Mantra albeit with a sinister design.

No rain or drought does is not actually bad.It spells great fortunes and goodness for a variety of reason for all sections of our imbalanced society.

I would say broadly everyone benefits from a drought sans the farmer.Its just the Question of changing your attitude and looking for opportunities where ever they exist. Let’s make a list to further build upon this great Aha :

The Gods : Folks who would never bother to bow their heads in front of temples become overtly religious overnight.They offer prayers,prasadam and other goodies to the almighty and seek their favor.Going by the Geeta when Arjuna ask Bhagwan Krishna O knower of all things please tell me what do you eat ? Bhagwan Krishna replies I eat Bhaav ( emotions ) of my Bhakts       ( followers).So clearly it is a feast for the Gods.

By making sure that Indra stays at home they can continue their party.And believe me if the followers pray from the heart the food gets even tastier.

I don’t want to annoy the almighty so I will quickly move to the next one who will smile even if you throw your shoe at them.

Politicians : After gods who else ? Demi Gods.They are the biggest beneficiaries of this largesse from heaven.The best thing is that the politicians benefit regardless whether they are in power or in opposition.You must be thinking I’ve lost it.But think again – If you are in power you get yourself photographed with emaciated farmers a few times and waive off all outstanding loans to ensure that you are back in power.The Dogs have to be faithful to their masters.

And If you are in opposition you can always blame the misfortune of the current chief  minister which has befallen on the janta(public) and proclaim that the only way out of hell is to vote against the wretched man.Even the Gods don’t like him and they are punishing you for the public for his misdeeds.The opposition has a very good chance of coming back to power if the Government in power cannot arrange for the ransom money in condition one above.

If monsoon fails for two consecutive years the government will most certainly fall.

Police : It’s  hay day for them too.Drought means more fights,more andolans ( crusades),more people fleeing the hinterlands and flodding the slums,more black marketing, more crimes  and everything else that desperate people do.And desperate people also pay a lot of money to get out of desperate situations.

From the money made over the years and your unquestioned access to power you have more often then not managed vast tracks of well irrigated lands which will produce what ever the market demands.Even the Gods can’t touch the rich and mighty.A shortfall translates to premium.It is demand and supply – simple.

People may not buy clothes,they may not entertain themselves,They make stop sending their children to schools but they will certainly eat.So go ahead make money.Nothing personal against anyone.

Media – Oh my God ! how tragic is this scene the otherwise plastic face of the anchor will anounce.

A mother is mourning over the dead body of her only son.They had nothing to eat for days and they kept themselves alive by eating leaves of plants but even they dried up this season.The camera pans left and you have the dead body with a tight close up of the howling mother ,the camera pans right and you have long shot of the dried and barren landscape for miles on end.

Don’t get scared there is a disclaimer  that some of the scenes may disturb you.And you say No way.I have seen worse – Last time when you showed us that amazing video of parts of the body blowing away from a train in motion in Mumbai I  tried to calculate the speed of the train and the speed at which the parts were blowing out to understand the concept of relativity.

One mans’ folly is another man’s fortune.The adage cannot have a better example that the media.When hunger strikes , the poor will hang themselves or starve to death and both will present an unsurpassed opportunity for the media to make the most of it.

In today’s newspaper Shekhar Kapoor says ” We are all vouyers ..” and nothing can be more gratifying than watching a man die while you finish your 4 th course and thank good heavens that the face on the Tv screen was not mine.

At the awards Ms . Dutt can walk away with all the kudos for showing the “reality” so sensitively.

I strongly feel we should have ” reality show” if it does not rain this time.

We can have ten families fight with hunger,pain,humiliation and disease every night on prime time.It will be Mega Final when finalistwill die on the stage just when he was going to get the cash prize of Rs100000 from Bill Clinton.Everyone will be crying but you will be laughing your way to the bank.I am telling you you can rake in millions with this baby.

Anyways lets move to a more sophisticated set.

Professors : Poverty strikes a chord with the audience immediately whether it is governments or corporates or the general Public.Talk about it and link it to your theories of wealth distribution and the noble prize is yours for the asking.It is important to maintain a certain ‘look’ so it seems that you are one of the impoverished souls from your doctrines; its just that you have better clothes to wear.If you can muster a tear or two while emotionally explaining the irony of the situation,nothing like it.You can tell  Dr . Singh over high tea  about your plan to do away with poverty and he will be so impressed with it tha he will make  you the Chairman of  the steering committee on Poverty and Drought relief.Its your choice the if you steer everyone towards or away from it.

Some fools may wonder that with so much Gyan(knowledge) available for free why millions die of hunger every year.But Like I said they are fools and they will not invite you to guest lectures at Harvard and Stanford nor offer you publishing rights for your next rambling”What poverty.Let’s Party !”

So don’t bother Rock on .

Priests -You stand to gain the maximum.Who bothered about doing homas and yagnas ( rituals ) in good times.Now you can really make use of your cellphones and the Mobikes chanting Gayatri Mantra from one Kalyan Mandapam to the other.God called me and said that he is very angry this time so we need to do the Koti Sahastra Maha Paropkari Yagna.It requires the sacrifice of a 100 cows,1000 kgs of Pure Ghee(purified butter) , 5 tonnes of firewood,1001 kgs of Ladu prsadam and 51 pundits chanting shlokas for 555 hours at a stretch.You can always change the merchandise mix depending on who gives you the maximum commision.

Another big source of revenue is predicting the future.It will It won’t.It may , it may not.Astrology is the best source of comfort in times of uncertainty and by saying something as vague as Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink you can get away with either outcome.”Ghor nahin Ghanghor Kaliyug hai Bhai”

Then there are small links in this big chain of prosperity :

District Magistrates,officers and Babus – Drought relief from centre,Aid from world bank.Donations from HNI’s ( high net worth individuals).Its raining Money,Money Money !!

Engineers and Overseers – New plans for building dams and canals.Another portion of the house can be completed this year and given for rent with which you can pay the engineering fees of Munna.

Traders,Pawn Brokers and money Lenders – Who said cash crunch is bad.Its damn good.If it does not rain you can always double the interest rate from last year.And whatever mortgage is there from last year is obviously yours as no one will be able to pay up.

NGO’s – with so much coming in as donations you can finally shift to your new offices at Nariman point with a view of the Arabian see.Tell Papa I have arrived in a noble fashion.

And yes it’s time to change your old Fab India Kurta.Someone was saying you smell bad.Tell them you don’t get time to change your clothes doing community service and there is no water to wash clothes.You have to use tissue …..even though you are a Kanyakubja Brahmin.After all you work in drought affected areas.

Lastly a small business can also come to the lowest in the hierarchy the undertakers – when so many die you can up charge for performing the last rites before the body starts to rot and smell.

** Disclaimer – this part may disturb you**

But why did you read it ? I said ” we are all voyuers ‘ .Aren’t we ?

Student Politics in UP – HAASIL

The film is a realistic portrayal of Student Politics in UP which to a certain extent explains the absence of educated young people in the Political arena.Caste politics is quite evident from the scenes in which Ran Vijay Singh(Irrfaan khan) is a Thakur and Badri shankar Pandey(Ashutosh Rana) is a Pandit.

Personally the film brings back a lot of memories from the time when I was a student at Lucknow University.

Watch it.It’s just amazing !

This song is a treat too.Don’t miss out.

The complete movie is uploaded on You tube numbered sequentially 1/15 through 15/15.Type haasil Movie in search and see it if you liked it so far.

Poverty and Power in India

“Perpetuate Poverty,Stay in Power “ has become the success mantra for politicians in India.This is how congress has managed to rule us for a large part of our independant history and this is how most political parties are planning thier strategy for occupying seats at Raisina hill. samajwadi

The latest to join the freebee brigade are Mulayam and Amar Singh who have completely lost it as far as I am concerned.They played a very good trick on 50 % brain dead Sanju Baba by nominating him as the Party’s candidate from Lucknow after consulting their friends in the Legal business that he will never get the permission to stand in elections because of his terror credentials.They promised Sanju that if he does not get the Green Sign his beloved and graceful wife Manyata will grace the Lucknow Parliamentary seat.Gullible as ever poor Munna fell in the trap.Samajwadi Party got tremendous air time in the media and Amar Singh practised his  back of the truck poetry to his heart’s fullfillment.Now Nafisa Ali is SP’s candidate and Manyata is away in Bahamas to pick up pieces of her shattered ambitions.Wake up Sanju…you are once again putting your foot in the mouth by saying that the police beat me as Nargis Dutt was a Muslim.You will go to Jail Finally and once and for all and no one will be there with you.Do what you do best – Hop,skip and make faces.You will be safe.

Anyway,Lets come to the main point.

In Ramayana Tulsidas says for Ravana :

Jaako Prabhu Daarun Dukh Dehi,Taaki Mati pehle har lehi.

Which translates to :

Whom God wills to be in Misery,he first takes away their intellect.

This is exactly the case with my native state of UP.By careful analysis of people’s mentality to forever remain beggars so they do not have to work Mulayam singh has come up with a novel scheme.He has promised that if at all he comes to power he will ban English and Computers.Wow ! isn’t that something ?? Full Marks to you Mr Ancient India.I sincerely feel that you should ban education.No maths is needed to slit people’s throats or to pull trigger of country made pistols.Ask your fellow partymen and they will confirm it.You don’t need to talk in English to loot folks at Gunpoint.I am not joking .With no education and employment that’s what Youth will do and is doing right now in UP.

If you just go to any of the cities in UP you will find house after house with old people whose sons and daughters have moved to other states or countries for employment.In fact it has become a creteria for being worthy.If you are still in UP there is something wrong with you.Crime and Politics are the only opportunities made available to the young people of this God forsaken state.The worst thing is that people have accepted their fate and are ready to live with whatever comes their way.

I read  on someones blog an interesting couplet that sums the mood :

Apna Kyaa? Phir wohi Chandan Phir Wohi Paani         mulayam2

Kou nrip hoye hamein kaun haani ?

Translates to :

I have the same ordinary life regardless of who rules the kingdom

While other states are competing with each other to get big companies to set shop in their states Mayawati and Mulayam have managed to chase everyone away.Poor,illeterate and unemployed make a stable vote bank.They have no option but to keep coming to their masters for their daily bread so they remain alive and keep voting election after election.

I had watched a Movie Narasimha a few years back.Sunny Deol plays a bully who bashes and abuses everyone who dares oppose his master played by Om Puri.One day he goes to ransack the house of a poor woman and his mind changes.He has seen how Om Puri is using him.He confronts Om Puri on the issue of equality and injustice to which Om Puri lashes back ” Kaisi behaki behaki baatein kar raha hai ,Subah se pee nahin kya?” which means how the hell you are talking sense.Are you not drunk today?

The leaders in India are making sure that people are drunk with the wine of free electricity,reservation,loan waivers,illiteracy and backwardness so they cannot see right or wrong.Inaction,incompetence  and stupidity are largely distributed human traits that’s why you find only a few successfull people and hundreds who are just passing time on their way to the grave.For them half  a meal and sleep are the only two things which matter.Their only interest is to keep their bodies alive and every leader worth his namak harami salt is promising just that.

Written and spoken English with computer skills are a passport to freedom from poverty and dependance.They can guarentee a good life and freedom of choice not only to the one who has them but to all his future generations.They are therefore being seen as a threat by politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav who represents all that is bad and ominous in God’s creation.

Time and again I have fiddled with the thought of going back and settling down in Lucknow but somehow I cannot come to terms with the thought of my illiterate children pointing guns at strangers on the highway.

May be I  am not as educated as Mr Yadav to understand his queer economic theories and that one life must be destroyed to sustain another.

One last Question – Does Mulayam’s son speak in English or know computers?

I am quoting the Hindustan Times of 13th April below :

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav does not practice what he preaches.

While the SP’s manifesto, released on Saturday, vowed to abolish expensive English medium schools, stop the use of English in administration and in courts, as well as to do away with computers wherever their function could be carried out manually, the party chief has sent both his sons to English language educational institutions and assisted the setting up of colleges and hospitals in his own village Safai, equipped with cutting edge computer technology.

Mulayam’s older son, Akhilesh Yadav, 36, MP from Kannauj, holds a degree in environmental engineering from an Australian university. His younger akhilesh1son Prateek, 22, after passing out from a leading Lucknow school, is studying management in Britain.

Akhilesh carries two Blackberries and is so comfortable with them that he can type on both simultaneously. He runs his campaign on both Facebook and Orkut.