Poverty and Power in India

“Perpetuate Poverty,Stay in Power “ has become the success mantra for politicians in India.This is how congress has managed to rule us for a large part of our independant history and this is how most political parties are planning thier strategy for occupying seats at Raisina hill. samajwadi

The latest to join the freebee brigade are Mulayam and Amar Singh who have completely lost it as far as I am concerned.They played a very good trick on 50 % brain dead Sanju Baba by nominating him as the Party’s candidate from Lucknow after consulting their friends in the Legal business that he will never get the permission to stand in elections because of his terror credentials.They promised Sanju that if he does not get the Green Sign his beloved and graceful wife Manyata will grace the Lucknow Parliamentary seat.Gullible as ever poor Munna fell in the trap.Samajwadi Party got tremendous air time in the media and Amar Singh practised his  back of the truck poetry to his heart’s fullfillment.Now Nafisa Ali is SP’s candidate and Manyata is away in Bahamas to pick up pieces of her shattered ambitions.Wake up Sanju…you are once again putting your foot in the mouth by saying that the police beat me as Nargis Dutt was a Muslim.You will go to Jail Finally and once and for all and no one will be there with you.Do what you do best – Hop,skip and make faces.You will be safe.

Anyway,Lets come to the main point.

In Ramayana Tulsidas says for Ravana :

Jaako Prabhu Daarun Dukh Dehi,Taaki Mati pehle har lehi.

Which translates to :

Whom God wills to be in Misery,he first takes away their intellect.

This is exactly the case with my native state of UP.By careful analysis of people’s mentality to forever remain beggars so they do not have to work Mulayam singh has come up with a novel scheme.He has promised that if at all he comes to power he will ban English and Computers.Wow ! isn’t that something ?? Full Marks to you Mr Ancient India.I sincerely feel that you should ban education.No maths is needed to slit people’s throats or to pull trigger of country made pistols.Ask your fellow partymen and they will confirm it.You don’t need to talk in English to loot folks at Gunpoint.I am not joking .With no education and employment that’s what Youth will do and is doing right now in UP.

If you just go to any of the cities in UP you will find house after house with old people whose sons and daughters have moved to other states or countries for employment.In fact it has become a creteria for being worthy.If you are still in UP there is something wrong with you.Crime and Politics are the only opportunities made available to the young people of this God forsaken state.The worst thing is that people have accepted their fate and are ready to live with whatever comes their way.

I read  on someones blog an interesting couplet that sums the mood :

Apna Kyaa? Phir wohi Chandan Phir Wohi Paani         mulayam2

Kou nrip hoye hamein kaun haani ?

Translates to :

I have the same ordinary life regardless of who rules the kingdom

While other states are competing with each other to get big companies to set shop in their states Mayawati and Mulayam have managed to chase everyone away.Poor,illeterate and unemployed make a stable vote bank.They have no option but to keep coming to their masters for their daily bread so they remain alive and keep voting election after election.

I had watched a Movie Narasimha a few years back.Sunny Deol plays a bully who bashes and abuses everyone who dares oppose his master played by Om Puri.One day he goes to ransack the house of a poor woman and his mind changes.He has seen how Om Puri is using him.He confronts Om Puri on the issue of equality and injustice to which Om Puri lashes back ” Kaisi behaki behaki baatein kar raha hai ,Subah se pee nahin kya?” which means how the hell you are talking sense.Are you not drunk today?

The leaders in India are making sure that people are drunk with the wine of free electricity,reservation,loan waivers,illiteracy and backwardness so they cannot see right or wrong.Inaction,incompetence  and stupidity are largely distributed human traits that’s why you find only a few successfull people and hundreds who are just passing time on their way to the grave.For them half  a meal and sleep are the only two things which matter.Their only interest is to keep their bodies alive and every leader worth his namak harami salt is promising just that.

Written and spoken English with computer skills are a passport to freedom from poverty and dependance.They can guarentee a good life and freedom of choice not only to the one who has them but to all his future generations.They are therefore being seen as a threat by politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav who represents all that is bad and ominous in God’s creation.

Time and again I have fiddled with the thought of going back and settling down in Lucknow but somehow I cannot come to terms with the thought of my illiterate children pointing guns at strangers on the highway.

May be I  am not as educated as Mr Yadav to understand his queer economic theories and that one life must be destroyed to sustain another.

One last Question – Does Mulayam’s son speak in English or know computers?

I am quoting the Hindustan Times of 13th April below :

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav does not practice what he preaches.

While the SP’s manifesto, released on Saturday, vowed to abolish expensive English medium schools, stop the use of English in administration and in courts, as well as to do away with computers wherever their function could be carried out manually, the party chief has sent both his sons to English language educational institutions and assisted the setting up of colleges and hospitals in his own village Safai, equipped with cutting edge computer technology.

Mulayam’s older son, Akhilesh Yadav, 36, MP from Kannauj, holds a degree in environmental engineering from an Australian university. His younger akhilesh1son Prateek, 22, after passing out from a leading Lucknow school, is studying management in Britain.

Akhilesh carries two Blackberries and is so comfortable with them that he can type on both simultaneously. He runs his campaign on both Facebook and Orkut.

What have we made of ourselves !!!

sanjy-babaramprasadbismil1I was just now watching a programme on National Geographic on the story of Obama.I have suggested it before too that he represents hope and what is good in us and in voting for him people have in fact voted for themselves.

But then something stark about the contrast in politics in India and the US is that the kind of candidates which run for elections.John Mc Cain lost the election but the fact remains that he is a true patriot and is a highly decorated officer of the US army who fought wars for the country and suffered in prisons for years together.And what have we got to choose from Mayawati and Mulayam – well it is truly a devil and deep sea situation.As far as Lucknow is concerned,this polished,cultured and erudite city which has the distinction of having Atalji as the sitting MP for 3 terms will now have to bear Sanju Baba.

OSHO had once said that there is a big difference in ‘Getting old’ and Growing up.Even non living things get older but a man is supposed to grow up and become wiser with each passing year.Certainly not the case with Sanju Baba- he has committed mistakes after mistakes each more silly than the other as numbers have added to his age.He cannot even get hold of his own life and he is being pegged as the future of our country.What little respect I had for him as an entertainer is also lost.He is ready yet again to put his foot in his mouth at the behest of  an”all talk ‘ swindler.

The question is how lightly do our politicians take us or rather how much liberty do we allow them  to utter non sense everytime they open their mouth.One of them says that she is doing her duty as a human being by allowing criminals fight elections on her party’s ticket and the other thinks that there is no better option in a state of 15 crore people who can fight elections from Lucknow,therefore a dud has to come our rescue.and what if the election commision does not allow a man charged with terrorism Mr Amar Singh ? No problem we have his third wife(and 100 the grilfreind) Ms. Manyata to do the honours.What a bloody Joke? Well Mr singh Obviuosly you are unaware that the MP’s have to debate on issues of national and international importance.What will Manyata do – a raunchy and sizzling dance number to excite the dacoits out of their dens just as she did in a movie.

The best part is  Sanju Baba is so scared of his future and so unsure of his candidacy that he is reaffirming interview after interview that Films will continue to be his main occupation and he will do his Gandhigiri as a side business when ever he has nothing else to do.And the TV channels are running after him and Manyata as if they have decided to land on the moon all by themselves.How non nensical and idiotic can we get.

Tommorow is 26th January and my heart pains when I think about Ram Prasad Bismil writing Poetry on his mother land in a small hamlet in Shahjahanpur( about 150 kms from Lucknow) and wishing for her freedom even if it meant the gallows for him.

सर फ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है
देखना है ज़ोर कितना बाज़ू-ए-क़ातिल में है।

What have we made of ourselves !!!