सुन रहा हूँ कि घिर गया हूँ मैं…


अब है बस अपना सामना दर-पेश

हर किसी से गुज़र गया हूँ मैं…

कैसे अपनी हँसी को ज़ब्त करूँ

सुन रहा हूँ कि घिर गया हूँ मैं…

~Jaun Elia

The Physics of life..

ज़िन्दगी क्या है अनासीर में ज़हूर ए तरतीब,
मौत क्या है इन्हीं अज्ज़ा का परेशां होना..

~ चकबस्त 

What’s life just elements organized in a pattern,

And what’s death the disintegration of these..

Picture – The Tao of Physics 

अब अक्सर चुप-चुप-से रहे हैं

अब अक्सर चुप-चुप-से रहे हैं यूँ ही कभी लब खोले हैं
पहले “फ़िराक़” को देखा होता अब तो बहुत कम बोले हैं

दिन में हम को देखने वालो अपने-अपने हैं औक़ाब
जाओ न तुम इन ख़ुश्क आँखों पर हम रातों को रो ले हैं

फ़ितरत मेरी इश्क़-ओ-मोहब्बत क़िस्मत मेरी तन्हाई
कहने की नौबत ही न आई हम भी किसी के हो ले हैं

ग़म का फ़साना सुनने वालो आख़िर्-ए-शब आराम करो
कल ये कहानी फिर छेड़ेंगे हम भी ज़रा अब सो ले हैं

अब हम लोग पराये-से हैं कुछ तो बताओ हाल-ए-“फ़िराक़”
अब तो तुम्हीं को प्यार करे हैं अब तो तुम्हीं से बोले हैं

फिर कुछ दिल को बेक़रारी है – A restless heart

फिर कुछ इस दिल को बेक़रारी है

सीना जोया – ए – ज़्ख्मे- कारी है

my heart is becoming restless again

my nails have started looking out for my chest once more

फिर उसी बेवफा पे मरते हैं

फिर वही ज़िन्दगी हमारी है

I am willing to die for her once more

carrying on with the same life  again

बेखुदी बेसबब नहीं गालिब

कुछ तो है जिसकी पर्दादारी है

this lost feeling does not make sense anymore

there has to be something that’s hidden from us O’ Ghalib

The last couplet is the one with the deepest and most profound meaning.At some point in life the mystery of life and death does not make much sense anymore.One begins to question why am I here ? what’s the purpose of my life ?Is there a purpose at all ? If this is how it feels to be alive then how does it feel to be dead ? Is there a difference in two states or they are just mind play ? The questions haunt you but there are no answers.You feel deluded,lost and confused.

That’s when you begin to wonder what is it that my thoughts hide from me.Who or what does not reveal itself fully and completely ?Its here now and its gone another moment.You can feel it but then you don’t.The questions bother you so much that you want to scratch and bleed your heart out.

But you are helpless,nothing happens.

Even the 2nd couplet is a mockery of human beings.They believe in God as there is nothing else to explain there existence.Loss of God means losing your bearings.Which way are you headed,is there a way ? Like a compass pointing towards the light from a lighthouse your soul keeps moving pointedly towards the source not essentially sure if it is something real or its going to deceive you again like a mirage in the desert.

There is no rest or refuge so you do what needs to be done , passing life one day as it comes.

We don’t need no education

One of my favorite couplet from Nida Fazli goes like this :

धूप में निकलो बारिश मे नहा कर देखो

ज़िन्दगी क्या है किताबों को हटा कर देखो

It roughly translates to :

Go out in the sun,get drenched in the rain

To know what life is,first keep the books aside

When I was doing my graduation I wrote an extempore essay on the topic ‘turbulence creates art’.As I picked up my pen to write ,these words from Jim Morrison got imprinted on the paper as if taking a life of their own :

You know the day destroys the night,night divides the day

try to run,try to hide..break on through the other side.

We chased our pleasures here dug our treasures there

But can you still recall the time we cried..break on through to the other side.

I went on to give details of Jim’s turbulent life and his art which made him a cult figure in American history.I also gave example of Vincent Van Gogh who cut his ear and gave it to a prostitute or stood in one position for days together so the frame did’nt move while he painted.People in the town called him the ‘redheaded madman’ and sighned a petition to chase him away.

I was surprised to have managed a 2nd Prize as I was sure I went too off the topic.What was rather interesting was the fact that a Judge in the panel taught English to the guy who won he first prize.How could I,a student of Physics win a prize for creative writing after all.

Sometime small incidents like these leave a deep impression on your mind and you continuously keep looking for answers.In my case the question was if creativity lies within and creativity is what takes the human form forward why do we teach students in schools ,colleges and Universities.What really needs to be done is to give the right environment to nurture talent and it will take care of itself.The one who made the earth,moon and the stars could surely make roads and bridges if he wanted so these cannot have a special place or priority over everything else.Each field of study and knowledge is as important as the other.Don’t we buy $500 tickets for Opera from the money we made in investment banking ?Is it not true that CEO’s secretly crave to be film stars – a career that they sub conciously ditched in their youth by choosing to study 18 hours a day ?

Thankfully OSHO came to my rescue with his brilliant talk on Intelligence when he said “It’s very difficult to escape the university,to go there and come out intelligent.But it is not impossible” .I took the challenge and not only escaped the university but ran so far that it could never catch up with me again.I did management after graduation but I could never sit for 2 hours in the class where people took notes with commas and full stops as professors spoke in macabre tones.In one of the term papers I got just 2 marks out of 20 and the Prof explained in front of the whole class that I had come up with my own theories on International Marketing which had nothing in common to what was ever taught in the class.I took the whole class for a free snack on my great achievement.

While it sounded like youthful audacity to challenge the establishment,after practicing active business for close to 15 years now I have realized that I was right.Not that what I said was better than Kotler but there is no solution that’s final and to be a great marketeer and an innovative business person you have to be a little more creative than your competitors.While Kotler will not come to your rescue each time there is a situation ,your own creativity and innovation will.So does’nt it make sense to nurture these true friends in need.If you have spare time ,learn what not to do from other Gurus.

I am not against education but I somehow cannot figure out how someone who can see a trend in data points more intelligent than someone who can sketch a perfect portrait.How someone who can calculate faster or speak better English more ingenuous than someone who can sing a song with the right melody,lyrics and meter.It’s just that they are intelligent in a different way but we are not able to appreciate it.

It is rather dumb to think that way if you take a closer look.While the college,teachers and parents will build a kind of mass hysteria that the world will be lost if you do not get through the engineering the fact is that most of my friends who did get through the exam are not even at the same professional level as some of the others who got a 2nd class.People stop tracking each other after school or college else they would figure out for themselves what big dimwits they have been slogging it out through rain and shine.The society is composed not only of engineers and managers it has politicians,lawyers,doctors,writers,journalists,singers actors,businessmen and even carpenters,electricians,mechanics.And believe me if your sewer line gets choked you will suddenly realize what a great guy your plumber is,how clever he is in get things as they were almost effortlessly.Ingmar Kamprag of IKEA is a carpenter and Amar Gopal Bose of BOSE corp. is a sound Mechanic if you really think of it.Only difference is that they are the best ones at their job and they are godd business men too.

We are talking simple law of supply and demand here.If you can figure out what you are really good at ,keep working on it as if driven by a mad passion and do not worry about the outcome.If there is water there is thirst,if there is wine there is intoxication,if there libido there is sex.The creator has taken care of that.Why do you think people are ready to pay 200 million dollars for a few strokes of paint scattered over a piece of canvas.You have to just find your niche,demand will follow.

Somehow the education system through out the world has missed the point big time.The entire objective is to create mediocre clones who are OK at a lot of things but Good at nothing.Loads and Loads of mechanical robots falling over each other like Zombies,drifting aimlessly in a strainght line Que that leads to extinction and death.I am sure you pictured it by now.

We don’t need no education…….REALLY !

I may have a vested interest to explain my strange ways and under achievement so listen to Sir Ken Robinson talk on TED.com

हम पी भी गये छलका भी गये

तस्कीने दिले मेह्ज़ूं  न हुई ,वो सईए करम फर्मा भी गये

इस सईए करम को क्या कहिये,बेहला भी गये तड्पा भी गये

हम अर्ज़े वफा भी कर न सके ,कुछ कह न सके,कुछ सुन न सके

यां हमने ज़ुबां ही खोली थी ,वां आंख झुकी ,शर्मा भी गये

ये रंग ए बहारे आलम है क्यों फिक्र है तुझको ऎ साक़ी

मेहफिल तो तेरी सूनी न हुई ,कुछ उठ भी गये ,कुछ आ भी गये

रुदादे गमे उल्फत उनसे, हम क्या केह्ते ,क्यूं कर केहते

एक हर्फ ना निकला होठों से ,और आंख में आंसू आ भी गये

उस मेहफिले कैफो मस्ती में ,उस अंजुमने इरफानी में

सब जाम बक़फ बैठे ही रहे ,हम पी भी गये छलका भी गये

Taskeen-E-Dil-E-Mahzoo Na Hui, Woh Saay-E-Qaram Farma Bhi Gaye
Us Saay-E-Qaram Ka Kya Kahiye, Behla Bhi Gaye Tadpa Bhi Gaye

Taskeen = Peace or Contentment; Mahzooz = Delighted; Saay-E-Qaram = Futile Efforts of Kindness

Ek Arz-E-Vafa Bhi Kar Na Sake, Kuchh Keh Na Sake, Kuchh Sun Na Sake
Yahan Hum Ne Zubaan Hi Khole Thi, wahan Aankh Jhuki Sharma Bhi Gaye

Arz-E-Vafa =  Tale Of Love

Ashuftagi-E-Vehashat Ki Qasam, Hairat Ki Qasam Hasrat Ki Qasam
Ab Aap Kahe Kuch Ya Na Kahe, Hum Raaz-E-Tabassum Paa Bhi Gaye

Ashuftagi = Misery; Vahashat = Loneliness; Tabassum = Smile

Rudaad-E-Gham-E-Ulfat Unse, Hum Kya Kehte Kyun Kar Kehte
Ek Harf Na Nikla Hothon Se, Aur Aankh Mein Aansoo Aa Bhi Gaye

Rudaad = Story; Ulfat = Love; Harf = Syllable

Arbaab-E-Junoon Pe Furqat Mein, Ab Kya Kahiye Kya Kya Guzaara
Aaye The Savaad-E-Ulfat Mein, Kuch Kho Bhi Gaye Kuch Paa Bhi Gaye

Arbaab = Friends; Junoon = Passion; Furqat = Absence (of Lovers)

Yeh Rang-E-Bahaar-E-Aalam Hai, Kya Fiqr Hai Tujh Ko Aye Saaqi
Mehfil To Teri Suni Na Hui, Kuch Uth Bhi Gaye Kuch Aa Bhi Gaye

Is Mehfil-E-Kaif-O-Masti Mein, Is Anjuman-E-Irfaani Mein
Sab Jaam-Ba-Kaf Baithe Rahe, Hum Pee Bhi Gaye Chalka Bhi Gaye

Kaif = Intoxication; Anjuman-E-Irfaani = Gathering For Wisdom; Jaam-Ba-Kaf = Hands holding glasses of Wine (Ba-Kaf = Hands filled with)

The below sequence from the movie Pyaasa shows Majaaz reciting the Ghazal above.The old man is Jigar Moradabadi.