What is done with Love

Nietzsche Says :

What is done with love occurs beyond good and evil.

I have found the above not only true but contextual in defining many of our relationships and assignments.

No matter how silly or out of place does your portrait look,you just love it.Why?because your 5 year old has sketched it with Love.    kid-draw

If you love to write you can keep doing it forever not bothered if anyone likes it or not.But if you are expected to make a presentation you feel like banging the laptop on someone’s head.

Good and evil are creation of our own mind.When we like something it is good when we do not it is evil – at least to the mind which forces the body to act.

There is tremendous change that we can bring to our  lives if we genuinely start loving everything and everyone around us.And if you critically examine there is no point in having a relationship in which there is no love or doing something which you do not feel like.The ultimate happiness will come when we are in an environment of our choosing doing what we love to do.We owe nothing to anyone else,but to us.

The situation may not allow you to take a hard choice but it is important to keep working on it.After all ,you have just one life to live.


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